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My daughter, who has always been homeschooled,  is a senior this year.  Oh, my!  How fast the years have gone!   Homeschooling has given my family so many wonderful memories, and we are excited for what the future has in store for our teen.  Below, you will find our curriculum plans for this year. We are homeschooling towards college!  

Our Curriculum Choices

This year, we are using some new curriculum and are also keeping some old favorites.  It's nice to have those old favorites around,  when we are taking on something new, like a dual credit college course for social studies. (see below)


  For math, we are staying with an old favorite, Switched On Schoolhouse (SOS)  and are doing their Algebra II course.

 I like how this SOS course is structured, with regular quizes,  giving my daughter practice in test taking.  She will need this, wherever she goes to college.  It also like how SOS gives my student instant feedback, and also grades the lessons for me!  What a plus! 

  Math Tutoring Options

All of the Alpha Omega Publications programs offer tutoring (including Monarch, Lifepacs, and SOS). It can be purchased by the half hour, from teachers who specialize in each subject area.
We used this tutoring  last year.  It helped us a lot, and also gave my teen practice in discussing math with her tutor.  Great for critical thinking, too!


We are doing Physics this year,  and also are using SOS for that.  The usual requirements for college entrance often include two science courses, usually Biology and Chemistry.  (My daughter is a science kid,  so that is why we are doing an extra science course.)

I made sure that all of our science courses included a lab, as most colleges require that.   And we definitely took advantage of SOS's tutoring, for this subject as well, as I really needed the help for the teaching!


We have used Oak Meadow  for all of our high school English courses.  We love their curriculum so much that I wrote a review on it!  For more info, go to  Oak Meadow Literature and Composition II.  I like how Oak Meadow English teaches literary analysis, and essay writing skills.


 We will be taking on a new adventure for social studies this year, by taking an online course in Government from Northwestern College.  This will  give my teen college credit, and more importantly, experience in doing a college level course.   
Social Studies is an area where my daughter is strong, which is essential for her first college level course.  This will be our big new experience for the year!  AND that is why we are sticking with some of our old favorites at the same time!

We chose HISTORY OF ART from Oak Meadow, and will add in some hands-on art from Hodgepodge (link pastels and hodgepodge art), as well as a knitting project or two. Art will give us a nice quiet break in the day, which will be very welcome for senior year!

That's what we have planned for curriculum this year.  It will, of course, take some of tweeking along the way.  There are so many ways to homeschool high school.  And it is truly benefiting our family!  How does homeschooling benefit yours? I love to get your comments!  

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  1. Awesome job Mom in picking such great curriculum. I love to read what others are choosing for their high school kids.


    Shan Walker
    The How to Guru

    1. Thanks, Shan Walker, of The How to Guru, for stopping by and leaving your nice comment. Have a good day!


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