Writing a Winning College Essay ---

This post is now Chapter 6 in my new e-book on high school.

I have lots more high school posts here, and the college posts are here on my blog, and I am always writing more!

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Homeschooling high school yielded us so many gifts, for my daughter, for our family, and for her high school education.

Homeschooling High School with College in Mind is now available on Amazon.  

 Read it for free if you have kindle unlimited.

"Betsy's book is a terrific resource for homeschooling parents who are planning to send their teens to college.  As a homeschool upperclassman advisor, I can attest that the information is spot on.  Also the book is chock full of resources with links and lots of helpful forms.  Be sure you are ready to take notes while you read!"

              .....from Vicki Tillman @ www.7sisters.com

My ebook includes:

Researching and Getting Started
Making an Overall High School Plan
Choosing Your Curriculum
3 Ways to High School Credit
High School Electives 
Writing the Winning College Essay
Course Descriptions and Reference Letters
Preparing for College Writing
Don't Forget the FUN!

 ....with printables  for each chapter.  

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Betsy blogs at BJ's Homeschool, where she writes about high school collegeand all the fun of homeschooling the early yearss, too.  As a veteran homeschooler, Betsy also offers homeschool help to families.  

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I teach high school students composition at our home school co-op. Your photos make this a fun post. Got to your site from #laughandlearnlinkup I'm listed there too. :) http://literateforlife

    1. Thanks, Teacher Pam for stopping by from the #laughandlearnlinkup! Those high schoolers are lucky to have you! I hope my post was a help, and there are links and resources in part 2 of Writing a Winning College Essay, if you are interested.


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