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Are you looking for a great hands-on program for your elementary kids?  Have you considered Oak Meadow Homeschool Curriculum?

Oak Meadow has been publishing homeschool curiculum for over 20 years, offering courses for kids from preK through high school.  They also offer a distance learning program, but that is not necessary to be involved in, to use their excellent curriculum. 

How We Got Started with Oak Meadow

When my daughter was 10,  she was all about exploring, asking lots of questions, and was always making things and wanting to do things with her hands. 

So when we looked for a curriculum for 5th grade, we searched for something that would nurture her explorative spirit, yet would still cover all the bases.  We found this and more in Oak Meadow 5.

Oak Meadow 5 Curriculum came with easy to follow instructions, and lots of fun, hands-on learning projects to choose from throughout the lessons.  And I loved how crafts and art was integrated throughout.

What is included in Oak Meadow 5?

- U. S. History/English 5 Syllabus - with 10 living literature novels to go along with the lessons

-  Science 5 - Environmental Science - with lots of experiential projects

- Math 5 - with a spiral learning approach

Why Use Oak Meadow Curriculum?

We have loved using it for years for both English and Social Studies, for it's creative, project-oriented approach, and we did some of it's science lessons, too.

This creative curriculum is similar to Charlotte Mason in many ways.  It has a gentle approach, with history lessons focusing on the type of questions that 5th graders would ask.

I like how each of the lessons are written to the student in a gentle child-oriented way, yet is full of accurate information at the same time. 

Each subject in Oak Meadow 5 can be purchased separately, except English 5 and Social Studies 5 are combined and integrated together.  That way, the history lessons coordinate with the English assignments in a very nice cohesive way.

Please click here to read the rest of My Complete Review of Oak Meadow-Fifth Grade.

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