Handwork, Bird Watching, & Video Making

This week, we took an early spring break from college decisons, the FASFA, and all of that!  It has been a very busy time around here, first with college applications, then now another college acceptance letter, which added to the stress, with awaiting financial aid letters, and even an upcoming college visit......So I declared an early spring break, to be had for this week.  And it was wonderful..and, boy, did we ever need an early spring break here!

We took a break from everything, put away the books, and the SOS cdrom, and anything related to colleges....  And we even got out our old hobbies! 

Tuesday, we spent the day doing handwork together. We began doing this regularly, when my daughter was six.  We had just started with Oak Meadow curriculum, and got inspired.  Oak Meadow incorporates art and handwork into it's weekly lessons.  We began by doing very simple sewing projects together each week, making  small stuffed animals or other small projects.  It was so precious to watch her small hands as they learned to sew in and out of the fabric. 

Over the years, we continued this practice together every Thursday morning.  Once we finished with sewing, we went on to knitting, then weaving with a small loom, then it became scrapbooking time, and later, creating dresses out of old ones.  I like how my daughter still likes to do handwork, even as a teen. And such a nice way to de-stress for me, too....

We also had some precious visitors to our bird feeders this week.  My teen has gotten a knack for taking pictures of birds..here's a few one of hers:

A flicker

Photography has been my favorite thing to do with my daughter, since she was 9.  This is her photo, as are the bird pictures above.

Later in the week, she had her regular activities to go to, so we put down our projects for awhile, so she could attend her Youth and Government meeting, and also meet with friends to do a video project. 

Youth and Government
The Y and G officers met together on Wednesday.

Youth and Government activities are sponsored by the YMCA, and most groups meet at  their local Y.  Our group is even led by a homeschooling mom.

This has helped my daughter to learn some leadership skills, which she, then, could include on her college applications.  It also resulted in a college recommendation letter from the leader of the group.  That was a help, too!

 Homemade Video Course

My teen has been planning out her video, called "The Girl on the Carousel", for weeks now.  She and her friends spent three hours on Friday filming, for forty frames.  It will be a 3 minute film, and my teen decided to enter it into a contest, just for fun.  

This is our own course that my daughter put together, using videos on filmmaking, and a book or two.  One of the instructional videos was called "The Cutting Edge", about film editing.  Such fun to still be doing a homemade course in high school!  And it helps to balance out the core courses, which focus so much on the head.  It also is a special interest of hers, which can help with the college application or essay.

Afterwards,  we stopped by a local beach, and met my husband there.  To celebrate the sunshine! (which had just popped out) 

We are so lucky to be close to a state park on Puget Sound, and love to get out in nature as a family, or with friends.  There, we have watched and studied a variety of sealife there, including seals, herons, ducks of many kinds, grebs. 

Great Blue Heron

If you are aiming towards college for your teen, be encouraged!   By taking a step by step approach, aiming towards college became doable for my family, and a great decision for my teen! 

What's happening at your house this week?   Come on over to Finishing Strong, to connect with other great families who are homeschooling middle and high schoolers!  

Happy Homeschooling!


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  1. I'm on the college journey also with my older 2 kids. They graduate from their Community College and are transferring to their 4 yr college of choice. One is getting basically a full ride while the other is getting in through a much lighter yardstick reserved for transfer students with AA degrees. But hey, it's an adventure. I love watching other ways to travel this journey as I have 2 more kids to prep for who will probably take the CLEP/DSST test way in to save us money. Thanks for sharing your journey. Visiting from Weird Unsocialized Homeschool Weekly.

    1. So nice to hear from you, Nita, and thanks for sharing your experiences! It's such great encouragement for other families who are looking towards college. and congratulations on your two kids who are both transferring to their 4 year college of choice....wow!


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