Tips for Aiming towards College and a Road Trip

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Something wonderful came in the mail this week.......a college acceptance letter, and it is to my daughter's top college choice...we are thrilled!

 For those of you who are aiming towards a four year college for your teen....Be encouraged!  My daughter has always been homeschooled, and we have found many homeschool friendly colleges out there.  

And many colleges are looking for self-motivated the ones that homeschooling produces!

I took my teen out for lunch, and we had fun with our camera...

.... then stopped by my husband's office, to share the news.  We are all so happy that our efforts in homeschooling towards college are paying off! 
It was exciting and a little daunting, too! .....and I can't believe that my daughter is almost ready to graduate homeschool, oh, my!   The years really have flown by.....

My daughter, age 4, and age 17

Aiming towards College

My daughter has always been homeschooled and I was not experienced in the current application process.  But through a step by step approach, we have applied to four colleges, and have been treated well by each of them!  And we were able to continue our own eclectic style of homeschooling along the way.

Here are some of the key steps that we took in our journey towards college:

1.  Researching for College

Each college will show their admission requirements with just a click of the button.  This information is easy to find, just by looking at college websites, under freshman admission requirements.  Be sure and check for any special homeschool applicant requirements as well. (Click here for more details)

2.  Making an Overall Plan

Making an overall plan for the high school years, helps to make sure you fit in the requirements.  We were able to do this and still keep nurturing homeschool style, with plenty of time for electives.  (Click this for more info )

3.  Keeping Records for Transcripts

There are so many resources for high school transcripts, record keeping and writing course descriptions.  Our favorite one was at Let's Homeschool High School, which offers free downloads and plenty of helpful forms.

4.  Encouraging your Teen's Interests

Here's a picture from one of my teen's favorite activities, her youth and government group...

Your student's interests and activities will add so much to their college application!  

And we as homeschoolers, know just how to encourage and support our teens as they explore their interests,  
whatever are...

My teen got involved in Youth and Government, volunteered at a local museum, and developed her special interest in film production, which we just did at home!  Having  activities were key to my daughter recieving scholarship offers.  The college essay was a good place to highlight her activities and special interests. (Most states have a Youth and Government program, which is run through the YMCA)

5.  Test Taking Practice

We began including some test-taking in our homeschool, starting in 9th grade, to allow for my teen to build her test taking skills.  This was helpful when it came to SAT/ACT testing time, as she has built up her confidence with testing.  This was easy to do by just choosing a curriculum from an established publisher that we liked.

6.  Inquiring to the College

We have called the admissions office with our questions many times, and the staff has been friendly and available to help us.  Sometimes it was a matter of leaving a message, until they could get back to us.  Don't hesitate to call them with your questions.

Friday, we took the day off of studies and stopped by the campus, to pick up some paperwork, and ask a few questions..... 

 We plan to take every opportunity to visit my teen's soon-to-be college, to become familiar with it's layout, and meet some staff there....The staff has been very welcoming...and that is helping her build her confidence for this new adventure!

Saturday, we took time off to go on a road trip to celebrate! Here are a few favorite pics.. I love getting out in nature as a family, and I treasure these times with my 17yo so much...

Brown's Point Lighthouse, WA

Mount Rainer, WA

I am so glad that we have been able to homeschool my daughter, since age 4.  It has been a full and wondrous journey, with a few challenges and so many joys.  And tons of wonderful memories for my family..... 

What's happening at your homeschool, this week?  Link up and connect with other this great web based homeschool community, and make it your own!

Happy Homeschooling,


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