Top Picks for High School Curriculum - Aiming towards College

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Spring is my favorite time of year.  I especially love how things slow down in our home.  (Please don't miss the 45% off sale of my book below.)

My teen is finishing up some of her activities for the year, we wake up later, there's time for a good read, or for planning seeds indoors, for our garden. 

This week, we are also awaiting answers from the colleges that my daughter applied to, and always going to the mail box, lol.

I am so pleased that we were able to homeschool my teen all the way! Each of the colleges that she had applied to treated her well, and respected her homeschool education, as we had fulfilled their college admission requirements.

Today, I'd like to share our top picks for homeschooling towards college, and how we were able to keep our homeschooling approach all the way....

Our Eclectic Approach

We are eclectic homeschoolers, who love unit studies, and lots of hands-on learning, and art mixed in with our academics. We have used a number of the Oak Meadow courses, which are project based, with lots of hands-on-learning, with similarities to Charlotte Mason.  

While I am sharing our choices for senior year, these also reflect  what we did throughout the high school years.  We chose the curriculum that we wanted, and just made sure that they fit with our freshman entrance requirements.  Fitting your teen's college entrance requirements is key.

I hope these top picks will inspire those of you who are in the planning mode.  These are our favorites....what are yours? 

Just because these were our choices, does not mean that they are the best ones for your family.  And there are so many ways to homeschool towards college.


For math, we are staying with an old favorite, Switched On Schoolhouse (SOS)  and are doing their Algebra II course.  It is complete, with clear explanations.  I like how this course is structured, with regular quizes,  giving my daughter practice in test taking.  She will need this, wherever she goes to college.  I also like how it gives the student instant feedback, and also grades the lessons for me!  What a plus!  And it even helped to prepare for the math SAT's.

  Math Tutoring Options

All of the Alpha Omega Publications programs offer tutoring (including Monarch, Lifepacs, and SOS). It can be purchased by the half hour, from teachers who specialize in each subject area.
We used this tutoring  last year.  It helped us a lot, and also gave my teen practice in discussing math with her tutor.  Great for critical thinking, too!


We are doing Physics this year,  and also are using SOS for that.  It is a faith based science course, creation based, and uses a multimedia approach.  We loved the hands on learning my teen recieved through their labs.  Update - Their labs are now done on the computer.   

The typical requirements for college entrance include two science courses, usually Biology and Chemistry.  (My daughter is a science kid, so that is why we are doing an extra science course.)

I made sure that all of our science courses included a lab, as most colleges require that.   And we definitely took advantage of SOS's tutoring, for this subject as well, as I really needed the help for the teaching!

We have used Oak Meadow for all of our high school English courses.  We love this program, as it is complete, is written to the student,  with little or no prep needed from me.  It inspired wonderful, meaningful talks about literature, is well organized, and it also promotes creativity.  It uses living books for all its literature, and helped my teen to develop excellent essay writing skills.  For more info, please go to  Oak Meadow Literature and Composition II.   Best of all, it made literary analysis make sense to my teen.  Horray!


 We will be taking on a new adventure for social studies this year, by taking an online course in Government from Northwestern College. (a Christian college) This will  give my teen college credit, and more importantly, experience in doing a college level course.  

Social Studies is an area where my daughter is strong, which is essential for her first college level course.  This will be our big new experience for the year!  AND that is why we are sticking with some of our old favorites at the same time!



I mention this, just to share how we did our foreign language program in earlier years, 9th and 10th grade.  It was so nice to not have a language to study during senior year.

We chose a Spanish 1 class from a  regional school program in our area, Highline Choice Academy, which offered it twice a week, and that worked out well.  For the second year, we went with the homeschool version of Rosetta Stone (RS).  I liked the homeschool version best because it had grammar, as the regular RS version did not.  Also, our college choices preferred the homeschool version.  Then my teen took a test to validate her learning, which was offered by the college, as two of her college choice options required that for "validation".  For more info on what validation means, please go to Our Steps to College - What about Researching? 

That's what we did for our Senior Year. I based the courses on what the colleges required for freshman admission, but not just that.  My teen's interests and preferences guided her choices all the way!  They became high school electives, and helped with all of our curriculum choices.  

What are your favorites and top picks for high school?  Please share them in the comments, and thanks for stopping by!  Another great source for curriculum is the Curriculum Choice.  This post is linked to the Homeschool Blog and Tell at the Homeschool Post.

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  1. Congratulations on her acceptance to college! I am so proud of her and you!!

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