Finding the Play in our High School Days

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BJ's Homeschool - Our Journey Towards College: Finding the Play in our Days!

Homeschooling high school is so much more than core studies.

Every week during the high school years, we put time in our schedule for fun.  We did trips to the park or museums, made time for group field trips, and also did mini road trips and other group activities.  

And these were not just penciled in...They were an important part of our weekly schedule.

Electives also were a big part of building in play and fun. All of our electives were interest led, and many of them were homemade.

Even when we were knee deep in core studies, we looked for the fun in our day...One week, my daughter's church youth conference got us inspired.....that's the first picture above, of course. The group leaders got the teens wearing really silly hats, and such.  And they liked it!  It was so fun to hear about the youth conference, and especially to see the pictures......

But soon there was a lot of work to be done..Monday, we spent on academics, but also did some birdwatching... 

Tuesday, we headed out to the library to do more core studies and get a change of venue.

We stopped to notice a statue of a turtle, in front of the library, and while stopping to look at this new piece of art, my teen decided to have a little fun...

There's always time for gymnastics!  Later, we made time for her favorite elective...

Video Making 

Our video-making course was a homemade one.  I bought my teen the needed software, and helped her to get started.  Today she told me about a short film that she had begun working on already.  She it - The Golden Year.  It was based on a fiction story that she wrote last year, in another one of our homemade courses, fiction writing.  

So she took her story, and turned it into a video.  She had been working on it for the last couple of weeks.  During this time, she wrote a short script and planned out her video shots.  

The Golden Year script

Thursday morning was study time. Then my daughter asked a neighborhood friend to help her with the video.  We all headed to the park, for filming that afternoon. 

The Golden Year was about a princess who ran away, leaving her princess role behind. I loved watching my daughter "direct" the filming.  She has been interested in making videos for a long time. And she loved getting high school credit for her work.

After 90 hours were done, studying and making videos, my daughter had earned one half credit in electives.  

Here's the cover shot....

Friday, was an all day study day, with AP testing coming up in chemistry.  We saved the last few hours of the afternoon for a mini-road trip....We headed out, with our cameras, looking for ducks or birds to photograph.   The mountain was out...

And we were treated to these....

...a great blue heron...

This year has been so full and busy with transcripts, college applications, and core studies, that we both really needed to fit in time for play and rejuvenation.  

And getting out in nature, with my teen, helped to de-stress us like nothing else.........

Just a few more photos from our mini road trip last week....

What do you do to fit in play...into your days?  What do you do when you need a break?  What helps you feel renewed? 

Happy Homeschooling!


Betsy blogs at BJ's Homeschool, where she writes about high school, collegeand all the fun of homeschooling the early years, too.  As a veteran homeschooler, Betsy offers homeschool help to families.

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  1. This was really interesting for me, as my eldest is 13 now, so it's good to hear from those who have already homeschooled high school. Thank you for sharing :-)

  2. Thank you for sharing, Gwen Anisland! So nice to here that this was an encouragement. Feel free to roam around my blog. There are more resources, etc, when you click on High School and College. Have a great day with your teen,


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