A Video Competition

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This week was my daughter's VisFest videomaking competition, and her 18th birthday, all in one week.  It was all about birthdays and entering in a competition, and the benefits of that, whether winning or not.

First. I got her all to myself, with a birthday luncheon out...

Next was the birthday party.....

Then all of our party guests headed over to the Visfest Video Awards.  My daughter had entered three videos...This was a local video competition, sponsored by our homeschool community. The girls had gotten dressed up for the occasion....

Though my teen  did not win this year, she was honored to have her videos played in front of the audience. One of her videos was about homeschooling.  She called it "My Homeschooling Adventure" and it focused on her experiences during high school. 

Click here to view it.

Another one of her videos was called "The Golden Year".

The competition was tough, with lots of teens entering.   I am proud of all their hard work.

"Half of success is just showing up." 

Video Making was one of our homemade courses this year.   It was not hard to do.

The next day, was a study day. My teen is almost finished with Chemistry, and is working hard to complete her essay on Beowolf, while taking in some wondrous sunshine...

Then we stopped by our favorite coffee shop, to collect cans for rccycling, which is part of my teen's senior project.


She calls her project, cans for cats, and is collecting pop cans, to raise money for seniors who need cat food.

Friday, was our church youth group picnic, and family and siblings were invited, too. We gathered around picnic tables at a beautiful state park....

Then we all headed to the beach...At first it was a bit rainy, but that didn't stop us. 

Soon the rain stopped, and the sun began to peak out...

and then a great blue heron joined us!

My daughter took this picture, and loves taking photos of birds.  Photography was one of our homemade high school electives. We just enjoyed taking a lot of photos together, through fun mini-road trips, visits to a variety of parks, etc.  

We kept a record of the hours spent, and any photo books that we found and read at the library.  More info on our homemade photography course  is here, in my post on high school credits.

 Here's one she took when the sun came out....

It was such a blessing to be at the park with our friends....Next week we are looking forward to another event--our Youth and Government annual picnic, and graduation is coming up soon.   

We had milestones to celebrate this week.  I can't really believe that my teen is 18, but it has been such a wondrous journey watching her growing up....and I was there all the way, through homeschooling.  And homeschooling allowed her to thoroughly explore her interests and build on her strengths.

Happy Homeschooling,


Betsy blogs at BJ's Homeschool, where she writes about high school, steps to collegeand all the fun of homeschooling the early years, too.  As a veteran homeschooler, Betsy offers homeschool help to families 

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  1. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!! Thanks for sharing at the Finishing Strong Link-up!

  2. Thanks, Susan, for stopping by, and for your kind words!


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