The FUN of Homeschooling High School

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 Welcome to BJ's Homeschool 

My name is Betsy, and I am a writer, blogger, a former OT, and most importantly, mom to one awesome 2e teen, who we have homeschooled from day one.  She was a bright kid, who struggled with some ADHD  and sensory issues for many years.  She is now in college, and is studying in an honors program there.  

We did a college prep approach, with our own tweeks...  Doing Oak Meadow for high school English, along with a lot of creative writing, gave her the skills needed for success in college level writing.

We are eclectic homeschoolers, who loves to mix art in with our academics, for my visual, hands-on teen.

My husband of 23 years has been a great support, and has done a lot of math teaching along the way.  Homeschooling my teen each year since K has taught me so much, and has brought my family much joy along the way, and challenges too, of course.  

I share about our journey on this blog, starting with the preschool years.....My daughter had some learning issues along the way, which I blog about, too.....She is twice exceptional.

I got to watch her grow into a teen..We had a lot of fun homeschooling the high school years....

And homeschooling high school was a lot more than just core studies! There's activities, volunteering, exploring interests like videomaking, and we built in the fun whenever we could.  We took short nature road trips most Friday together, and that led to a homemade course in nature photography.  

And it was not hard to find ways to turn my daughter's activities into high school credit.  Homeschooling allowed time for developing her interests and for her to discover and build on her strengths.

Senior year, my daughter made a video about her adventures in homeschooling high school.  She entered it into a video contest, and her video won 2nd place, and is on Oak Meadow's high school page.  Just click on the title below.....

Oh,  I remember watching her film this video at the beautiful, clear and sunny....

My daughter is now a sophomore in college, and thriving.  I share about how we helped get her there on my blog too.  Homeschooling high school prepared her well for college.  She made Dean's List her first year there, and there are many colleges that are looking for kids like ours, who are self-motivated learners.

Where are you on your homeschooling journey?  Grab a cup of coffee or tea....and take a break from it all...... I hope that you will find encouragement for your journey.

Happy Homeschooling,


Betsy blogs at BJ's Homeschool , where she writes about high schoolcollegeand all the fun of homeschooling the early years, too.  As a veteran homeschooler, Betsy also offers free homeschool help to families  

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  1. Wonderful; I have a little ways to go yet. My oldest is starting 7th this year but knows he wants to stay home for high school and so I'm trying to plan ahead.

  2. Thank you, Mother of 3! You are on top of it! Planning ahead helped us so much in high school. Have a super Friday with your kiddos,


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