The Value of Homeschooling High School

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College Update:

My rising college sophomore, really???  How can that be!  She was only starting homeschool, just a few years ago....Well, that was when she was 3...  Now, being 19, she is heading into her second year of college soon.  Right now, she is finishing up her summer job.  I can't wait until she is done with that, as she will have three weeks off.  We'll have some family time with her then!  

My daughter has also been thinking about possibilities for her college major, although the final decision isn't until next year. When she was mulling this over in her mind, she asked if we could go on a country drive together.  I was delighted!  

Since we built a strong, close relationship during the high school years, she still seeks us out, shares her heart, and values our input.

And isn't that such a privilege, as a parent, to be there, while your child is making important life decisions...My daughter isn't looking to her peers for input... For the big questions, she looks to us, for guidance, and support, and wants us to be a part of her decisions.

That's my biggest reason for continuing to homeschool during the high school years...Relationships are strengthened and built up during that time, so they are strong and present as my teen ventures forth.....for a gap year, a vocation, or into community college or a four year one.

Below is a peak into one week of our senior year, and when we saw, so clearly, the benefits of doing high school at home.  This was during springtime, when we were all about graduating our daughter from our homeschool.

The Value of Homeschooling High School

This week, last year, was all about spending as much time as I could, with my recent homeschool graduate, having just been to her grad ceremony. 

For those of you who have been following our story, you know that we have always homeschooled and my teen had been aiming towards college while doing high school at home.  It is a thrill to see all our planning and work come to fruition, with college acceptance, and helping my daughter with making her college choice.  

Homeschool Graduation was beautiful and meaningful to me and my family. It marked an ending and also a beginning,..... or so I thought.  Actually, I am finding that even though it is an ending in many feels more of like a "continuing", so to speak.....Does that make sense to you?

I am finding that my daughter needs the same support and guidance while commuting to college, as she needed during our homeschooling years.  And, as she is taking this big step, with all the newness of it,  she actually needs me even more.  But in, maybe, a different way now....

Monday, we went to a new beach, and were chatting, and relaxing.....

I brought up college, and my daughter filled me in with the details.  This time, it was my daughter telling me the details, and then asking me for help and support on her decision making.  Why is it always, when we are out in nature, that we have these wonderful talks....

I am so glad that we homeschooled high school, as it has given me the time to really connect with my teen.

Wednesday, it was time for my recently graduated teen to sign up for her first college classes.... already!  My teen wanted support for that. Did I mind? What a gift to be asked to be a part of these early college decisions! And it reminded me of earlier times when I had helped her start a new activity.....

When my teen needed to contact her advisor, like she did today, she knew just what to do, and got it all set up.

She knew how to do this from all the practice she got in making phone calls/emails to her group leaders during her homeschool years.  

Homeschooling high school also gave her time to explore her interests and participate in activities.  That helped her to get to know her strengths, and develop interests and goals that might become a college major later....while earning high school credit at the same time.

As you know, from previous posts, my teen did  Youth and Government  activities during high school. So it was no surprise to me that she choose a government class for this fall....and she also is looking for something in leadership, maybe in the business school.

Doing electives and activities not only helps to build the college applications, but also develops  interests and talents, which may help with finding a college major or a vocation.

And I was there beside her, as she decided..... and took this important step....

Then Friday, we headed out to our favorite local marina, and spent the day...My daughter was done with her babysitting job for the week.

And we got to do our photography together again.... My favorite thing to do with my teen!  Photography was one of our homemade electives during junior year.

Homemade high school electives added a lot to our days, and alot to my daughter's homeschool transcript as well.

And have lots of fun!  My daughter is the bird photographer in our family.....

Parenting a young adult.....  I am just learning as I go....
and my daughter is helping to show me the way....

What's happening at your house this week?  Are you on break, or are you already homeschooling?  If you like, please leave an answer to this question, in the comments:
"What's the top reason for homeschooling, in your house?"

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  1. Oh it is wonderful to home school teens ! I have one who graduated last year and two that I am enjoying so much. Congrats with yours!

    1. Wendy Meijer, so nice of you to stop by, and congratulations on yours!!

  2. Congrats!! You made it :) What a wonderful place to be as a parent.

  3. Thanks, Rachael DeBruin, and that for all that you do for homeschoolers!

  4. Homeschooling high school is a beautiful thing! I have graduated two so far...and have three left to go. I enjoy your blog. :)

  5. Thanks, YesiHomeschool, for sharing! Two graduated It is so nice to hear that you enjoy reading BJ's Homeschool, because I enjoy writing it! Are you also a blogger? I'd love to read about your homeschool, if you have a blog.

  6. I am happy to hear you chose to homeschool high school. So many families stop at this point and send them on to school. This was not an option in our house due to the many influences at this stage and time. Currently I am homeschooling a 16 year old with my other two being done.

    1. Thanks, Joyce Wheeler, for stopping by! And congratulations on your graduating your first two students! I wish you joy in your homeschooling of your youngest one, and am so glad that you took the time to comment on my blog. Have a good weekend!

  7. I loved homeschooling high school! My daughter graduated in 2014, too, and went to a university about 11 hours away. It has been a hard, but good, adjustment. She has learned so much about being her own person, but she still calls or texts everyday -- and I am LOVING that! I have to tell you, the thing that caught my eye about your post was the picture of the Irish dancing. :) We were involved in Irish dance for 9 years, both performance and competition, and I miss seeing my girl on the stage. :) Enjoy your daughter and the fact that she still seeks out your input; that is a blessing we share and one we should never take it for granted! Have a great weekend! Found your post at the SHINE Blog Hop!

  8. So nice to hear from another irish dancing family, Wendy S! We did the irish competitions in WA state, for about 8 years, and my daughter learned so much from that, and still loves irish dance. I have found that there is an adjustment for our family, too, with our daughter in college, but it also is so fun to watch her take on new things! I am sure that is a joy for you as well. Thanks so much for your comments, and we both have 2014 graduates!! Homeschooling high school has so many blessings, then and in the future, don't you think?

  9. So nice to read this! Our first born is in his 2nd year at Michigan State University and have been homeschooled through his 2nd year in highschool then we used a virtual public school so I didn't have to keep as extensive records/proof. Now I have two other highschoolers strictly being homeschooled without virtual public school. I am nervous, but your post gave me some encouragement to keep them at home. The virtual public school has changed and the kids would have to be on the computer waaaaaay too many hours for what we want for them...not as flexible as in time past.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your story! Congratulations on your first born's accomplishments re college!! We kept going with our own eclectic homeschooling through high school, and it did work well to prepare my teen for college...of course I worried about it, too, lol. I have even seen the colleges tending towards more of an open mind about homeschooling. I hope that my blog is an encouragement to you, and you are also welcome to check out my book which is on Amazon, where I put my best tips for high school and college all together, in one place. There is a little ad for my book on the right hand column, if you are interested. BTW, I am so sorry to have missed your comment and been so delayed in getting back to you. I wish you a wonderful time with your two more teens, during their high school years.


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