A Homeschooler Goes to College - Again!

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Our first day of the school year will be happening somewhere different... again... at college! 

My daughter, an always homeschooled graduate, started college last year.  She had a great time there, and will be going back to school soon, as a sophomore. 

This week, she is finishing up her summer job, and is anxious to get back to school.

I still miss homeschooling her, of course..... but now I have the joy of seeing her apply what she has learned in our homeschool, and watch her grow...into the adult that she was meant to be.  

...And, yet, still be a kid sometimes....

Homeschooling prepared her well, and also built up our family relationships, so that our daughter seeks us out--- all the time, for counsel and support.  And I love that...so much.

She took her first year at college to explore her options.  She joined in the college activities, making friends, and also took some time to explore her options, for majors.

I was initially concerned whether we prepared her well enough for college writing.  Oak Meadow's  high school english courses gave her the skills that she needed to do well in her freshman english classes. Here's a review of one of their english courses.  (There are lots of other sources for high school writing as well, such as IEW) She was asked to write an essay for the college's business school newsletter, during her freshman year....so I need not have worried.  

Now as a sophomore, my teen will be studying in a great leadership program, and she can't wait to get started......

Looking back, here is a picture from her  first day of college, last year...We were so excited for her, going directly from homeschool to a four year college!  (Community college is a great way to go, too, of course but we wanted her to have the direct to college option, instead.)

We took the college admissions process step by step, which helped us relax about it. My daughter got accepted into each college that she applied to, including two private colleges, an ivy, and a two tier public university.

Homeschool activities were a very important part of preparing her for college.  She studied irish dance, participated in teen activities, and enjoyed learning how to make videos and do photography, during her high school years at home.In 2014, in June, my daughter graduated from our homeschool with her friends....

and my family and friends so loved watching the ceremony!!  We began homeschooling, quite a few years ago now, when my daughter was four.  

Then, she was always collecting things, was very active, and loved taking preschool gymnastics....

In the elementary years, she was always making things...., and loved doing her Oak Meadow social studies/art projects, and even knitting...  She also struggled with attention issues, as a gifted 2e kid, and we worked a lot on that during theses years.

As a middle schooler, she was always doing science experiments in the garden...and by this time, her skills in organization were developing very well.

homeschooling high school gave her the time to not only get her core studies done, with Oak Meadow, but also, time for such things as volunteering as a teacher's assistant.....

....which built self esteem.  She also studying irish dance....

.....which gave her experience being on a team.  And it showed active participation in an activity over time, 8 years.  That is something that the colleges like to see.  She also had the opportunity to develop her leadership skills, through activities, such as Youth and Government

They gathered, each spring, for the Youth Mock Legislature in Olympia, to enact the roles of the legislators and senators in state government.  (BTW, this program is available in 32 states, sponsored by the YMCA.)
These activities led my daughter to look at doing something in leadership, maybe in politics, for her major.  Her homeschool activities helped her to find that calling, and also helped her to get into her college leadership program.

Homeschooling made it possible for her to discover her interests and strengths, in her own way, and in her own time, and...I can't wait to see what this new year will bring!

What kinds of activities are your teens interested in trying?  Are they aiming towards college like mine was?  Feel free to share that in the comments. 

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  1. Congratulations! I have seen your posts here and there on homeschooling link ups and boards- so happy to see your daughter has graduated! This post is really special for a number of reasons:it shows how your daughter has grown over the years, the flexibility homeschooling provides to try out different creative/learning environments, and lastly, that the long haul is worth the effort. I'm in my 5th yr of homeschooling my daughters, so from one HS mom to another, congrats to both of you on all of your hard work!

  2. Thanks for your kind comment, +Randi, and for stopping by! It really has been worth it, many times over. I am so glad that we homeschooled, as it has helped me to build such a strong relationship with my daughter, and that is so important to me and my husband. I wish you lots of joy as you homeschool your precious daughters!


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