Helping my Daughter Prepare her Heart for College

This summer has been all about helping my teen prepare for  college this fall, in more ways that one.  As she takes this big step, we are wanting to ease the transition, and help her to prepare, as she ventures forth. 

Of course we are also making lists for  "school supplies" (I love that!) for college, reading up on what's required, and buying a backpack that will fit all her textbooks......

.....and also keeping up with the many emails that my teen is already getting from her college.  Below, our new kitten is helping her to stay current...

Oh, our new kitten, well, that is another story.....he is an active one, lol!  Details on that to follow soon.......

One of my daughter's main concerns is how she will deal with a whole new peer group, and how she will make friends.  When she saw an email about a cookout for the new students, she was so pleased.  These kinds of things are so great for new students, like mine, who are nervous about making this transition. 

We have that on the calendar as well as an upcoming student and parent orientation.  I was pleased that my husband and I will be included in the orientation, too.

We have also been studying the bus and rail schedules, as my teen will be a commuter student.  

In fact, although it is a small campus, most of the "kids" will also be commuting.  This was a key factor is making our college choice
as my teen did not want to be the among only a minority that were commuting.

Another thing we have been doing, is to take weekly trips to the college campus, and the surrounding town.  We found this to be really helpful for my teen, and a fun thing for us to do together.
It seems that the summer before entering college can be a little long, maybe a bit daunting, ....waiting to start, and not knowing how it things are really going to work.  

So we head out every Thursday, and drive to the college, to help to familiarized my teen with the campus and the area.  It's in a town near us, but one that we really don't know that well. 

We are checking out the campus, its clubs, Christian groups, and then the stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and everything else that we find nearby, like this little park...

We even found an east indian restaurant nearby. You see, I would always take my daughter out for indian food when we were homeschooling, once a week, as a treat on Fridays.  It became a special and favorite thing for us to do together.  Now we can occasionally do that, for an indian lunch near her college.

Keeping this tradition alive, is one of the ways that I can help my daughter to keep her grounding, as she ventures forth. 

And these excursions also give us time to chat on the way and back.  We are talking about spirituality, our family values, making friendships, and more importantly, choosing new friendships in her  college environment.  

And I am encouraging her to make time to keep up with her old friends as well.  She will also be continuing to attend our family church, and is excited to become an adult member of it next month.  These things are important for her as she moves ahead.

So, on our way home, yesterday, we kept up with one of my most favorite traditions, we made time for a little road trip. Today, we found this, on a little country road.....

And we happened on another view of Mount Rainier...

Then we stopped to look at this  precious bird... 

It's a flicker, a type of woodpecker.  My daughter is so good at spotting birds, and learned nature photography skills in one of her high school electives

Looking ahead:  Next Friday, my teen will be attending a church conference for young adults....  I hope that it will give her more ideas and support for making her college transition.  

Next time, I will be sharing more about that. And now that my teen is soon to be a sophomore in college, oh, my!... I will be making more time for offering homeschool help.  I am excited about that.  

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