One week before College.... and rock climbing!

This week was all about fitting in a little more summer, while helping my daughter prepare for commuting to college next week.  

Monday, she just got back from a youth conference, sponsored by our church.  She appreciated the support there, and  in her small group, they shared their fall plans with each other.....  

Such a great way to connect, as they discuss starting college or a new job very soon.

My daughter took the bus to her conference, a few hours away, since the conference folks arranged to pick her up at the bus station.  This was a step towards independence for her, and she was excited to be taking this one by herself.  She called it "Popping the bubble", lol!  She had a great time, and got to stop at this bookstore...

Then Monday evening, she got busy finishing up her recycling project, part of her Senior Year Project,  and will be taking her cans to the recycling center tomorrow.

These kinds of service projects/volunteering experience, are just the kinds of things that the colleges want to hear about, either in the college application itself, in a resume, or mentioned in the college essay.

She had collected these cans throughout the year, and will turn the money into Cans for Cats, to provide pet food for low income seniors.

Tuesday, I took her to one of my favorite parks, that she had never been to before.... 

....and we checked out this climbing rock, well, actually she did.....

                Conquering rocks today,........... college tomorrow, lol!

Then Wednesday, we stopped by the college and checked on her parking pass and met with the registrar.

We are checking off the details, helping her prepare for classes that will start next week.  Now she knows the route to college very well, as we have stopped by her campus many times this summer.  I think the routine of going each week helped to build that confidence.

Thursday, we had a day at home, for chores and for my teen to finish ordering her college texts and ebooks online.  Meanwhile... we saw this little rabbit, in our yard!  My teen quickly snapped a picture. 

She learned about photography in our homeschool, with a simple-to plan, homemade photography/video course. It was easy to do, and lots of fun to be supporting my teen in her favorite thing to do.

Then, Friday, we stopped for chinese food, and had a chance to talk more about college.  Looking at her schedule, I see that she will have a big load of studies, compared to her senior year of homeschool.  I want her to know that I would be there, to help her plan her study schedule, and get any help that she may need, to make it all work out. 

This weekend we will finish collecting things for her safe driving kit, ie, jumper cables, etc.

And homeschooling high school has given my daughter a solid foundation, essential for her as she begins to reach out, and explore her world.

And we are so glad that we homeschooled! So that's what happened at our house this week, how about yours?  Are you back to homeschool now?  Link up and share your story!


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