the One where my College Freshman won a giant Stuffed Bear

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Ahh...............It's starting to feel like summer here.  My daughter finished up her last college final on Friday, and then took of to a local fair, asking her dad to go with her.  And my teen won this....

Little did I know that she had talent for basketball!...She won if from a carnival basketball booth...And I love how she asked her dad to go to the fair with her.  She still relishes family fun!  And I love how she seeks us out to discuss her college major decisions, and the like.  It is so rewarding to see how she is taking what she learned during homeschooling, and apply it at college.

One big thing that she did in high school was to get involved in a youth and government program.  That led her to apply, at college, to a global leadership program, that will become her major. 

You know what kids discover when they begin to get out, and explore the world as a young adult?  They begin to learn, in a real way, what home is really all about....and start to appreciate it all the more.

One of my favorite memories from this year, was mom's day, when my teen spent her own babysitting $$, and bought me a lovely bouquet of flowers, with a thank you for having homeschooled her.

Now, that's what I call a wonderful day!  

Last night, we went out to a special place on the beach, for fish and chips...with our favorite graduated freshman...(no, I won't use that new word..sophomore..quite yet, lol)

My daughter will be commuting to college again, next year, and she will continue to like using her dorm room at home, for studies, when not on campus...

If you are thinking about homeschooling high school next year, I invite you to check out my page on High School.  It is such a wonderful time to be with your teens, as they begin to develop into young adults.  Here's seven reasons why I am glad that we homechooled high school....

I can't wait for the gentle, warmer days of summer....Well actually we are starting ours early, here. We plan on going on many nature hikes, short road trips, and jaunts to the beach, this year... Can't wait!  

My husband is also going on some bluegrass trips, with his music friends, bringing back lots of new songs for us all to learn. And we are going to have to check out this local wetland again, soon...

I got my veggies all in, and so far, they are doing well, especially the lettuce.  My daughter and her friend helped me to build this raised garden...

and I love to watch the flowers bloom....I found some shade flowers, to pair with my ferns...

These work great for our shady spot, where we like to barbeque...

This spot started out as a plain cement pad.  We decided to make it into a patio, and planted the trees that you see, along the edge of it.  It is now our favorite place for a summer supper.

I am thankful for the community that is building here at BJ's Homeschool, and I appreciate each and every one of you, for reading my posts and sharing for your ideas and comments. I have some ideas for new posts next year, but also wanted to ask you all....

"Are there any specific topics that you would like me to hit?  Re high school, preschool, special needs, aiming to college, or ???"

I would love it if you would share those in the comments, either on this post, or on BJ's Homeschool's page - Facebook

I'll be taking pics of my veggies, and sharing some of our outings with you, too, and I'd love to hear about your summer adventures. You are welcome to go over to my Facebook  page, and post about  your summer adventures.  That would encourage us all.

I gotta get family is waiting to go explore this little forested park again...

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  1. Lovely flowers and bbq spot! So many nice places to read and study! :) Have a blessed week, Sherry

  2. Thanks, Sherry Jolly! So nice of you to stop by and comment. My daughter put together the swing, and we use it all the time in the spring and summer. Wishing you a wonderful week,


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