Reading Focus Cards - Help to for Readers of All Ages

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This week has been a busy one at our house.  My daughter has been on break, and we have been taking advantage of that as much as we can, taking country drives, and just enjoying family time. 

But college starts next week, and there is a lot for my daughter to do, to get ready.  Meanwhile, I found a great device to help readers, from early learning, all the way to college...

reading cover
Does your teen get distracted when reading?
Do they forget what line they are on or have trouble concentrating on their reading?
I have recently found a clever device that could help your reader, called the Reading Focus Cards. (Patent 7,565,759)   
reading c ards

They help eliminate distraction, by guiding your reader to focus on just the words at hand.  And they have an app that works on the computer, too.  

This device has can work for readers of all ages, from picture books, to textbooks, novels, to recipes... 
Click here to read more of my review of this frugal device.

Some teens find that Reading Focus Cards help them to concentrate on their reading, and therefore improve their comprehension.  And that is so important in high school studies....

Thanks for stopping by!  It has been wonderful to have this time with my rising college sophomore this week.  I'll be sharing more of that later.....

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