My Kiddo's Favorite Homeschool Curriculum - from preschool - high school

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Yesterday, I was over at The Curriculum Choice with my friends, who are also veteran homeschoolers, writing all about my kiddo's favorite curriculum.  

It was fun to remember and write all about my daughter's curriculum favorites.  My friend, Kendra, put this post all together, with great resources from all the other authors too. 

Children's Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum - by the Review Team at The Curriculum Choice

Children's Favorites for Homeschool Curriculum is full of encouragement and curriculum resources, that all of our kids really love.  


 "At BJ’s Homeschool, we started homeschooling when my daughter was 4, and continued all the way through high school.  She is now in college.  I can’t believe my “baby” is a sophomore now!  Here are my kiddo’s curriculum favorites, from preschool through high school......" 

Click here to read about my daughter's favorites, and the favorites from my friend's kiddos, too.

Also on the blog this week, is a story of how my daughter became a strong essay writer, through working on short stories...... of all things!....If you are interested, just click the title below.  Each November, we took off from our regular homeschool studies, and just wrote for the month...

"National Novel Writing Month".- How creative writing helped my daughter become a strong essay writer....did I say essay..?

If you are working on your teen's transcripts, you might like to check out this post on writing course descriptions, and more.

T is for Transcripts - Course Descriptions, Reference Letters, oh, my!

Also on the blog:

T is for Transcripts - How To's and Freebies 

T is for Transcripts - Frugal Resources 
Would you like some frugal help for compiling all your stuff into a transcript?

My daughter is home tonight, not having to study any college courses, which is really a treat.  Her load, and activities are keeping her busy, but she loves college, and tonight we get to have a family movie night.  

I am so thankful for these times with our daughter, and our cat is, too....Tonight he is here, right by me, on the couch, watching movies with us...

What's happening at your house this weekend?  Is your family having a Friday movie night, too?  Share, if you like, in the comments.

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