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Do you wonder what homeschooling your teen might look like?

Today, I'd like to share how we did our days (and weeks) during my daughter's senior year...fitting in core studies, but also making time for other important things like..cookie making, homemade electives and not to forget, nature study to refresh and renew us.

Usually, my teen and I would meet on Sunday nights, and make a schedule for the following week, based on what was needed to be accomplished for each core subject.  Then my daughter would write out a rough schedule for her week. 

We always met in the mornings to go over the studies for the day. My teen would decide, then, what she wanted to do when.  Once she was a senior, she scheduled her week herself, based on a list of assignments that I gave her each Sunday. 

Core studies were usually done in the mornings through the early afternoons.  After that we often had science experiments, time for writing, or elective projects to do. 

Then evenings were for outside activities a couple of days per week.  Sometimes evenings were used to finish up work, as needed.  Yes, that's a lot of study time.... 

Just in our backyard.

However, when we got behind, we could do a catch up week, and take a whole day to do each core subject, like english on Monday, math on Tuesday, etc.  And we always built in a LOT of fun things to do, too.

So, here's one of our favorite catch up weeks, from my teen's senior year.  

It was in the spring, a few weeks before her homeschool prom. We had just bought this dress....

We got this at a thrift shop.

After all the excitement of the prom dress...we did some catch up work, but also a lot of goofing off, too.

Monday, my teen focused on her chemistry course, at the coffeeshop. We are using Switched on Schoolhouse.  I love how it is self graded!  

If there is a question that I can't answer (btw, I am not a science person!), my teen could have tutoring from SOS, by the half hour, which is easily arranged, and has been a great help to us.  There are also a number of online tutoring options available, for help, as you know.

Tuesday, it was warm enough to study nice!! So my teen studied outside and made it an english day. Afterwards, we drove together just for fun and for her driving practice.
Studying outside makes it so much better!

Wednesday, she worked on her online Government course.  Taking a lot of time at once, really helped her to catch up on this course.  Then she had an irish dance practice, getting ready for this recital...

A chance to hang out with her teen friends.

Thursday was math day. We went to the library, where I worked on some computer projects, while my teen did her online math course, also from SOS.

Later we stopped by our local farmer's market and picked up some favorite veggies, for a easy to prepare dinner for that night...
I love the farmer's market.

We also picked up some veggies starts at this market, can't wait until I can plant them!

Friday morning, a friend came over to study. They worked together on one of my daughter's electives, videomaking.  I think making cookies and was just as interesting, though...

After she left, there was one assignment and an essay to finish for the weekend.  
But we both needed a break, so we decided to head out... into a beautiful, sunny day!  We drove to our most favorite beach... and were treated to this gorgeous blue sky!  Yes, I am a photography mom.

I think that 1-on-1 time is so important to our children as teens, especially as they begin to widen their horizons.

Enjoying nature means a lot to me, and I am so glad to be passing that onto my daughter.  She has become quite a photographer, too.  What hobbies do you like to do with your kids?

My daughter had a busy senior year, to finish her college entrance requirements to finish for English, science, social studies, and her elective.  It was a lot of concentrated work to be done, so we also built in concentrated FUN, too.  You gotta play!

Especially when there is such a nice sunset.....

And, most importantly, my daughter has developed a true appreciation of nature.

Are you curious how our days looked when my daughter was younger?  We homeschooled all the way, and here's how we did it in the elementary years....

How does your teen's high school week usually go?  I love reading your comments.  

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Happy Homeschooling,


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