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Note - This post includes affiliate links to products that we love and have used or would use in our homeschool, if my daughter wasn't already in college!  Please see my disclosure policy.

This has been a wonderful year at BJ's Homeschool, thanks to all of you readers, taking time out of your busy day to stop by and support my blog.  I appreciate you and all of my subscribers very much.  I hope that you had a wonderful restful holiday season with your families, and are looking forward to a great 2017. 

Today I collected all of your favorite posts from my blog, to inspire you as homeschooling season begins once again.

101 Reasons to Homeschool High School
Homeschooling high school gives you and your teen a chance to work and be together as they enter the all important years of high school, and begin to explore their future possibilities.

BJ's Guide to Transcripts - & How to Showcase your Student to College Admissions
My daughter is in college now, and I learned a lot from helping her get there.  These are my best tips for transcripts and knowing what to put on them is key.

100 High School Electives
Awe, the fun of doing high school electives!  But sometimes it is hard for teens to decide what they want to do for their electives.  Here are over 100 ideas for you and your teen to consider, with links and/or  information on each one.

Isn't it fun to see what others are doing in their homeschools? Here's a peck into ours, how we spent our days, and weeks, during my teen's senior year at home.

Planning High School with College in Mind

Planning high school, with college in mind, is really not that different, except for one important thing... 

Going from Homeschool to College - This is Our Story

Here is our story of how my teen went from homeschool to college. We had heard that our local and very well respected U was known for being very hard on homeschool applicants.  So we researched it more and figured out the  best way for our daughter to apply there, and to the other colleges on her list. 

So you are ready to start homeschooling your teen!  You have chosen your curricula and have made the decision to continue into the high school years.  But what about assigning high school credit?   Here are three easy ways to do just that.

Do you have kids who struggle with handwriting?  Here is a fun playful way to work on the skills necessary for good handwriting, without doing any writing?  And they are fun and they can really help our kids with the foundational skills that are needed. 

Helping Struggling Handwriters

Some kids who struggle with handwriting have trouble with visual perception, and their letters land all over the page. Here are some fun easy to try ways to help them succeed in their handwriting.

Here's how we went about setting up our homeschool for my young 2e learner with ADHD and sensory processing issues.  She is in college now and thriving there.

Did I pick one of your favorites?  Please share in the comments, how your homeschool is going, a new success, etc.  I love reading your comments.

Also on the blog:

Making things with hands-on learning kits like these improved my child's direction following skills, attention to task, organizational skills and more.  And then, there was the pride of creating something by hand, and a job well done.

My new book is available - Homeschooling High School with College in Mind: 

It's a simple guide to college prep with tips for making the college admissions process easier for you.  The kindle is here.  It is also available in print.

Have you seen Tricia Hodges's brand new course in art yet?

Taught by a master artist, and offered by Tricia Hodges, mom of 5 blessings who are all homeschooled.  This is a full one year course, ideal for your teen who is interested in art.   Get your fine arts requirement done (for college bound teens) with this easy to use video course!  

Perfect for independent study! No need for a long list of supplies. Just get some paper and some chalk art pastels and you are ready!

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