Early Years.

Welcome to the Earlier Years

My favorite resources for preschool/k, elementary, and more......where the foundations for learning and character are set.

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 "Here's what we did for those precious early years, and how we had fun doing it, with curriculum ideas and more..."   

...including phonics, reading and handwriting

  Preschool/K - Early Math
... hands-on learning fun...

....my daughter's favorite things to do for preschool/K science/nature study. 

second page for birthday book for betsy's review

Encouraging your Littlest Author - It all starts with art, painting or drawing a picture, then adding words to the page.  Helping very young ones express themselves in writing, or copywork.

Our Favorite Books about Birdwatching - PreK - Elementary


 It's all about....Learning to Love Learning

Scroll down to find:

1.   Elementary favorites - LOTS
2.  Handwriting FUN!
3,  Special Needs Stuff

Best Amazon Finds for Hands-On Learning

Learn to Read/Improve Reading with Explode the Code

The Art of Simple Book Making - Your Child is an Author! 
How to encourage story telling in your young child.

Elementary Science in our Homeschool 
 Child-Led and Hands-On 

  Nature/science studies for your kids, on a variety of topics, including animals, earth, plants, rocks and fossils, habitats, etc, with easy to do experiments that teach STEM.

Birdwatching - Nature Study 

 This post is all about birdwatching, with photos of birds in our area, and  resources to help you incoorporate STEM into your day...

Our Favorites for US History

Science FUN in the Garden - Let's grow some veggies! with Printables

 A complete curriculum, that is creative and full of hands on activities, with lots of art, and resources for every subject.

Oak Meadow Review - Complete Fifth Grade Package www.thecurriculumchoice.com

"Oak Meadow strives to reach the child...head, hands and heart, with it's creative, project-oriented approach, similar to charlotte mason in many ways"

How we did Spelling in our Homeschool - including tips for 
struggling spellers.

Lions, Tigers, and Testing, Oh, My! - There are so many ways to approach testing for your child.

Spectrum Writing

Spectrum Writing - 2nd grade

My main focus for writing, during the early elementary years was to help my daughter become comfortable with the written word.

Stamp Collecting for Kiddos  - Learn Geography, while having fun, and practicing organizational skills, too.


 Here is how we went about homeschooling her during the early years.  (She is in college now)

Tips for working with kids with ADHD, including setting up your day, direction following for your kiddo, and sensory activities to help with it all.

reading c ards

...sharing our curricula choices for first grade ADHD kiddos

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Betsy blogs at BJ's Homeschool about high school and college and all the fun of homeschooling the early years too.  As a veteran homeschooler and the mom of a homeschool grad, Betsy also offers free help to homeschool families.  She is the author of Homeschooling High School with College in Mind, a simple guide to college prep, with tips for making the college admissions process easier for you.

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