Summary:  Do you have a college bound teen?  I gathered together all my best tips and resources on college for homeschoolers.  Do you want help for the Common Application or finding scholarships for your teen?  That is in there, too.  #getintocollege , #collegeadmissionsforhomeschoolers 

Are you homeschooling a teen who wants to go to college? 

Or are you a mama who is thinking about homeschooling high school and wondering if your teen could still get into college?

You they can!

You can put together a nurturing high school program and help your teen get into college at the same time.

And your homeschool can still be interest led!

Our daughter explored hands-on science projects to save the salmon in our local creek, made videos and entered them in a contest, ran for office at Youth and Government, competed in irish stepdancing, learned to make freezer jam, and made lots of high school friends.

There's electives, high school activities, and time to explore new things.  It is a great time for your teen to discover their own interests and gifts.  Knowing the details of college planning can free you up to create an individualized high school program for your teen, like we did.

But how?

Create your own unique and nurturing high school program for your teen and showcase their accomplishments to the colleges!

Our always homescshooled daughter got into each of the colleges on her list, including a tier one U.  It is not hard to homeschool to college and admissions is getting easier for homeschoolers at most colleges.  That is the trend.

Homeschooling High School with College in Mind - 2nd edition

Amazon for $11.99
Kindle on Amazon for $6.17
Downloadable High School Planning Printables

This book not only includes everything that you need to help your teen get into college, but also to prepare them to be ready for college level work.  I share all my best tips, gathered from helping my daughter get into college, and researching the topic over the years to keep up to date.

It outlines 10 easy-to-do steps for getting your homeschooled teen into college. PLUS it includes help for the Common Application, SAT/ACT Prep, College Scholarships and more. 

The 17 Chapters include:

>Chapter 1 - How to Start Homeschooling if you are a Newbie

>Chapter 2 - 101 Reasons to Homeschool High School

>Chapter 3 - Researching and Getting Started

  Chapter 4 - Planning High School and Making a 4 Year Plan

>Chapter 5 - Choosing Your High School Curriculum

>Chapter 6 - Three Ways to High School Credit

>Chapter 7 - Making Your Teen's Transcripts

>Chapter 8 - 100 High School Electives

>Chapter 9 - Making Homemade Courses

>Chapter 10 - Writing a Winning College Essay

>Chapter 11 - Course Descriptions and Reference Letters

>Chapter 12 - The Common Application - Your GUIDE

>Chapter 13 - Preparing Your Teen for College Writing

>Chapter 14 - Dealing with College Testing SAT/ACT

>Chapter 15 - Top Sources for College Scholarships

>Chapter 16 - Dealing with “Those Questions” from Others

>Chapter 17 - Don’t Forget the FUN!

I share all my tips, gathered from helping my daughter get into college, and researching the topic over the years to keep up to date.

My book not only includes everything that you need to help them get into college, but also to prepare them to be ready for college level work.  

Unlike many guide for college out there, this book is written in an easy-to-read conversational tone, as if you are sitting down to a cup of tea or coffee with the author.

You will also get 12 downloadable high school homeschool planning printables plus a transcript form for you to just fill in...the kind of transcript form that the colleges are used to seeing.


You will have (downloadable) forms for:

-  The specific college entrance requirements for your student

-  Your teen's 4 year high school plan

-  Curriculum planning

-  Credit recording form - Keep track of those credits as they earn them!

-  Transcript form, editable for you to just fill in.  It is the kind the colleges are used to seeing,
        with detailed instructions

-  Homemade course forms
         Make your own courses, and turn your teen's activities into credit!

-  Checklist for the college essay

-  Course descriptions recording form
and more.

What are people saying about Homeschooling High School with College in Mind, 2nd Edition?

Review by Lit Pick is here: 

Recommended by a certified college counselor:

"Betsy has a wealth of understanding and knowledge to share with the parents of college bound homeschoolers.  She provides support, encouragement and step-by-step advice on all aspects of the homeschool high school and college application process. This book is a must-read for parents considering homeschooling high school and for parents in the thick of the application process."
............................. Lessa Scherrer, Certified College Counselor, from College Inside Track

"Watch your fears about homeschooling high school vanish as you read this book!  I was nervous wreck and put off planning for high school.  Betsy put me at ease with her encouragement and experiences, and the printable forms are invaluable!"
..........................Amy, mom of 5 boys from Rock Your Homeschool 

"Homeschooling High School just got easier with Betsy Sproger's helpful guide to all you need to know in homeschooling high school with college in mind."  
..................Anne Campbell from The Learning Table

"This book is packed with valuable information, and it's written in an easy-to-read format for those of us who don't have the time to read dictionary-size manuals.  I truly believe that Betsy literally thought of everything and didn't think twice about including it."
..........................Shelly, mom to 12 at There's No Place Like Home

"What I Love about this book is that it gives you actionable things to do along the way.  From your choice of courses, to keeping records, how to calculate credit and more!  It is an affordable and quick reference to help you plan and navigate homeschooling high school with college in mind."
........................Heidi, homeschool mom of 4 from Starts at Eight


To encourage families to homeschool high school in their own unique way.

And keep high school FUN!

While making the college process easier to do.

My book shows you how to:

Put together your own unique High School Program


Deal with college admissions without fear!


Showcase your student's accomplishments to the colleges!

This book is based on my experience helping my teen get accepted by each of the colleges on her list with scholarship offers, including and a tier one U.  She is now studying at the University of Washington, which is listed as #15 in the top 25 colleges in the United States.

The tips in this book helped my 2e daughter with attentional and sensory issues, get into her top choice university.  And be prepared to do so!


- BS in Occupational Therapy with Concentration in Education

-  Homeschool Consultant to the Kent School District
  working with college bound high school families

- Worked directly with teens and young adults with learning issues

-  14 years of homeschooling, from preschool thru graduation

-  6 years of creating interest led homemade courses for middle and high school, such as video-making, and making homemade courses for social studies and English, based on high school outside activities and/or our own design.

-  Homeschooled high school, interest led, and navigated the college entrance process with a student who had sensory and attentional issues.

-   Proven ability to prepare teens for college level work, shown by my daughter earning Dean's List     grades starting in her first quarter.  How about that for homeschooling!!


My daughter is now a college grad who graduated last spring from the University of Washington with Honors.

She earned a degree in Communications, with a minor in Political Science and leadership, interests she grew in her high school years at home.

Her outside activities and homemade elective  lead her to this major.  And most importantly, she had a great college experience and has many options for future employment.

Are you homeschooling high school with college in mind?

Why not create an interest led, college prep course for your high schooler, too?

My book is your guide to homeschooling high school, plus how to apply to college, all in one!

No need to purchase an expensive course.  I keep my prices low to make my book/ebook available to families who are frugal, like us!

Take it step by step and study it, one chapter at a time.  And my book is not a PDF.  It is a bound paperback, and will soon be available as a kindle, with downloadable planning forms.

Homeschooling High School with College in Mind, is your guide to high school and college, too!

Showcase your teen's accomplishments to college admissions while keeping your nurturing homeschooling style that you love.

You are also invited to join my encouraging group for high school moms, called at Homeschooling through High School.  Lots of moms just like you there, sharing triumphs and challenges.  Get your questions answered there, too.  

Thanks for stopping by BJ's Homeschool,

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collegegifted/2e and wrote -Homeschooling High School with College in Mind, 2nd Edition,   She offers homeschool help through messages at BJ's Consulting and has had some of her articles picked up by the Huffington Post.

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