Our Homeschool Curriculum Choices for Math - PreK through High School

Summary:  Our choices for preschool homeschool math curriculum, elementary homeschool math, curriculum, middle school homeschool math curriculum, high school homeschool math curriculum and how we added in living math all along the way. Homeschool math curriculum reviews are included.  #homeschoolmath #homeschoolcurriculummath #homeschoolpreschool #homeschoolkindergarten #homeschoolhighschool

Math has always been a mainstay in our homeschool.  From playful learning approaches during preschool/K to challenging courses in Algebra 2 and Geometry in high school, we have always taken a hands-on approach.  As much as possible. 

Sometimes our curriculum included living math, and when it didn't, we added it in.

Today, I'd like to share our favorite homeschool math curriculum choices, from preK through high school.

Let's start with prekindergarten.  
Here are our favorites for math, starting with preschool/K:

Counting, adding, subtracting, making sets....all of that can be discovered through play. 

For how we did that in our home, click here for my article on:

HomeschoolingEarly Math - Making Your Manipulative Kit and More.   
I did a preschool math class also using these techniques. It was a fun class, spreading out buttons to count, small toys to sort, etc.

Early Elementary Homeschool Math

Then in the primary grades, we chose to use Saxon Math, as it relies on lots of hands-on approaches.  Young learners often need to see, feel, and touch objects to learn the processes of basic math.  There are lots of used Saxon curriculum resources on the web, under homeschool used curriculum.

Amy, of the Curriculum Choice, has a review on Saxon Math 
or Kindergarden. Saxon Math is available all the way through high school.

Upper Elementary Homeschool Math

Then in the primary grades, we chose to use Saxon Math, as it relies on lots of hands-on approaches.  Young learners need to see, feel, and touch objects, as they learn the processes of basic math. 

In fourth grade we switched to Oak Meadow Math.  

It is based on Saxon Math, but has a few less practice problems, which felt less stressful for my daughter.

It is child friendly, and is not at all associated with common core.

Oak Meadow Math uses the spiral learning approach, with lots of review.  

Through this, my daughter gained skills 
that she could apply to real life activities, building retention. 

The Living Math that we added included helping with family purchases, 

making change, measuring things at home, etc.

Middle School Homeschool Math 

When we got into pre-Algebra I felt the need to get some  help with my math teaching. 

We found the Saxon Dive dvd's and loved how they explained each problems, with a chalkboard approach, where the instructor wrote out each problem as he discussed them.

Saxon also has another product called video education. A sample 5th grade lesson, using this product is here.  

During these years, I also introduced my daughter to:

- family finances,
and introduced her to checking accounts, 
- how to balance a checkbook, 
- our household bills, etc.

High School Homeschool Math

We began Algebra 1 in 9th grade, and we decided to try Teaching Textbooks for that.  I liked how TT offered even more dvd help and we were happy using all their dvd's, especially the ones that explained errors in the practice problems.

photo credit - www.aop.com

Then in 10th grade,with the ACT testing coming up, we decided to switch to Alpha Omega Publication's 

These were a bit more intense than the Teaching 
Textbook approach.  

That helped with retention, which my teen needed for her upcoming college testing. 

I also loved how SOS was self-graded and included a video lectures for each lesson, plus lots of practice, and some hands-on math projects as well.

Living Math activities in high school centered on...

- getting and managing a savings account, 
- learning about taxes, 
- car insurance, 
- and compounding interest,
- as well as family budgeting.

As you can see, we used a wide variety of curriculum for math, through the years. 

What are your favorites for math in your house?  I love getting and reading your comments.

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  1. Lots of great math choices. We are hooked on Teaching Textbooks and Life of Fred. Both my current students are in middle school.
    Blessings, Dawn.

    1. Thanks, Dawn, for stopping by! I haven't tried Life of Fred, but I have heard SO many wonderful things about it. Enjoy your middle schoolers, and thanks for your kind comment!

  2. Love your list! I've had to try so many Math curriculums for my kids as they learned differently and had various gaps caused by public school.

    1. Thanks, Nita! Your kids are lucky to have such a great mom, to find ways to fill in those gaps from public school!

  3. We love Saxon math! As a math major who finds it hard to see the point of "new math" I love that it is solidly focused on the essentials!

  4. Me, too, Branson Merrill!! Saxon is so well done, don't you think! NIce of you to stop by and leave a comment...wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!


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