Frugal High School Art and How to Make it into a High School Credit

Summary:  Do you have a teen who is interested in art?  Or are you looking for a frugal way to help them do a fine arts elective?  College bound teens usually have that required as part of their college entrance requirements.  Here is a fun way to get that done.  #homeschoolhighschool #highschoolelectives #highschoolart #frugalhighschoolcurriculum

Do you have a teen who is interested in exploring their skills in art?  Or is your teen looking for a fun way to do their fine arts elective this year?  How about doing a video based Art course, taught by a master artist?   

You ARE An Artist, a small company owned by a homeschooler, offers many video art courses.  You should see all the choices!!

It is a great way to expand your teen's art skills, using chalk art medium.  This is a company owned by a homeschooling mom of 5.  How did she ever find time to create these lovely courses?

One of our favorites is called Art Techniques.  It will take your teen step by step, through a tour of techniques with Master Artists, from Impressionism to Modernism.

Many art courses require a long list of art supplies, and that can be prohibitive for many homeschoolers, on a budget, like we were.  For You ARE An Artist - Art Techniques all that is needed is a set of chalk pastels and construction paper, no complicated list of art supplies to try to find.

How to Make It into a High School Elective

One way is to use Art Techniques  as a part of an Art History course, or an Introduction to Art course.  It would add a lot to your teen's art history studies.

Tricia offers an easy way to create a complete high school elective in art.

To make a full year homeschool high school art credit, we recommend adding their You Are an Artist Clubhouse Membership.

This would give your teen access to over $2,000 worth of art lessons, including their I Drew It I Knew It History series and SO much more.  This is a frugal way to do a quality art elective, for only $20.00 a month, for $2,000 dollars of video based art lessons.
Artist Clubhouse Membership.

This will give your art student access to:

- All access to all the art lessons, including ones on famous artists like Vermeer, Warhol, Grandma Moses, Degas...

- Mixing and matching art lessons to relate to other areas of your teen's studies, eg, history, geography, science.

- A special membership community

- Easy access to new art lessons

Click around to check out their other wonderful VIDEO chalk pastel courses.

We loved the Bird Chalk Pastels Art Course that would go along well with your teen's high school science studies.

To make it into a high school elective, 70 to 90 hours of doing these lessons equals a half credit, which is all that is usually required for their fine arts credit.

Doing 140 to 180 hours of work, and play with these lessons will give them a full year credit in high school art.

The Stein family says, "Have any of you followed along with these art tutorials before?  She is calm and relaxing.....just like watching Bob Ross!  We are loving our membership.  One of the best things I've added to our homeschool this year!"

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