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Early Years Homeschooling includes Resources and Tips for:

1.  How to Get Started Homeschooling
2.  Preschool and Kindergarten 
3.  Elementary Curriculum 
4.  Handwriting 
5.  Helps for ADHD and SPD
6.  Free Homeschool

Let's get started!:

1.  How to Get Started Homeschooling is in this article below:


Are you new to homeschooling?  Tips for that here:Skipping Public School all the way to College 

phonics, reading and pre-handwriting FUN

  Early Math FUN - Making a Manipulatives Kit and More
Hands-on learning fun with numbers, sets, etc

Photo Credit - Early Science Evan-Moor Series
Early Science - Hands-On!
....my daughter's favorite things to do for preschool/K science/nature study. 


What we chose for math, from preK all the way through high school.  Hope it gives you some good ideas for your own.

Our Curriculum Choices for Homeschool Math

Homeschooling your Active Child - Tips for ADHD, Sensory Issues and 2e 

A curriculum that is creative and full of hands on activities, with lots of art, too.

Early Learning Activities for Homeschooling Preschool

Learn to Read/Improve Reading 
 Phonics and Reading Curriculum - Explode the Code

Book Making for Little Homeschoolers 
PreK through Elementary

Elementary Science in our Homeschool 

  Nature/science studies for your kids-- animals, earth, plants, rocks and fossils, habitats, etc, with easy to do experiments that teach STEM.

You Can Learn Sign Language

Stamp Collecting for Kiddos 

Learn Geography while having fun and practicing organizational skills, too.

Our Favorites for US History

Birdwatching - Nature Study 

 This post is all about birdwatching, with photos of birds in our area, and  resources to help you incoorporate STEM into your day...

Science FUN in the Garden - with Printables

Oak Meadow is similar to Charlotte Mason in many ways.  It strives to reach the child...head, hands and heart.


 Here is how we went about homeschooling her during the early years.  

Tips for working with kids with ADHD, including setting up your day, direction following, and sensory activities to help with it all.

.....especially for kids on the spectrum

reading c ards

BJ's Homeschooling Help 

 Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the homeschool curriculum options out there?

Or do you just want to chat with a homeschool mama who has been there?

Do you have a child with a learning issue who is struggling?

Message me through the link above, and I will be happy to connect with you!

Messages are free!  

Phone calls can be arranged IF you want.  (Phone calls are very frugal.)


In case you were wondering how homeschoolers do with college, here is my book on that:

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