Early Years

Early Years and Elementary Homeschooling 

 Here you will find Resources and Tips for:

- Gettine Started Homeschooling
- Frugal Preschool and Kindergarten Resources
- Frugal Elementary Curriculum 
- Handwriting Helps 
- Special Needs, ADHD, sensory issues
- BJ's Homeschool Help

Before we get started, my friends from the Homeschool Carnival shared this:

"Allow me to introduce you to Betsy at BJ's Homeschool. Betsy enjoys helping newbie homeschoolers get started, a mission with my sincere approval!!! 

She reaches back into the early years of the homeschooling of her daughter and shares her favorite top picks for preschool and kindergarten. She freely shares the fun that her family had in the early years with math, phonics, reading, and handwriting. 

Betsy, I so appreciate you sharing the experiences of your gorgeous girl in her early years; especially now that she is graduated and moving out into the world!"

1.  Getting Started Homeschooling

phonics, reading and pre-handwriting FUN

  Early Math FUN - Making a Manipulatives Kit and More
Hands-on learning fun with numbers, sets, etc

 Phonics and Reading Curriculum - Explode the Code

Book Making for Homeschoolers 
PreK through Elementary

Homeschool-First Grade CFrugal First Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Elementary Science in our Homeschool 

Our Favorites for US History

Stamp Collecting for Kiddos 

Learn Geography while having fun and practicing organizational skills, too.

Birdwatching - Nature Study 

Science FUN in the Garden - with Printables

Where our Homeschooling Happens


A homeschool curriculum that is creative and full of hands-on activities, with lots of unique art, too.

.....especially for kids on the Spectrum

reading c ards

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the homeschool curriculum options out there?  Or do you just want to chat with a homeschool mama who has been there?

Or do you have a child with a learning issue who is struggling?  Message me through the link above, and I will be happy to connect with you!  Your first message exchange is free!  

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  1. Thanks for all of the great information.

  2. I will share this with my daughter because it would surely benefit my granddaughter

    1. That is great. I hope that it is a big help for your granddaughter!


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