High School

Is homeschooling high school really not that hard?  

Yes, high school does involves more planning and record keeping, and such.  But with the right resources and tips, it can be a low stress and wonderful way for your teen to do high school.  And also get then into the college of their choice, too, if that is where they want to go.  

Below are all of my favorite resources to make your homeschool rich and full, and not that hard to do as well.

We are so glad that we went all the way.  It gave our teen time to discover her own gifts and allowed us to meet her individual needs re sensory and attention issues.

Are you new to homeschooling high school?  

Do you want to make your own Lit course with books your student really wants to read? 
Making your own High School 
English Course

Homeschool high school American History frugal curriculum and resources. Including map work, living literature, original sources, art related to history and more. We even found some U.S. History videos for FREE. #homeschoolhighschool #ushistory

Our Frugal Favorites for US History 

Does your teen struggle with grammar terms? 
Our Favorite Innovative 
Grammar Curriculum

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling
High School

What does high school at home look like?  BJ's Homeschool - A Week in the Life.

Ideas for bird watching/nature study activities for teens, and how to make them into a high school elective. 

My book lays out 10 easy steps for homeschooling high school and how to showcase your student's accomplishments to college admissions.  

With expert tips for how to get your student into the college of their choice and an introduction by a certified college counselor.


It comes with 12 Exclusive Downloadable Planning Printables

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  1. This is a VERY helpful page of resources... I will be referring to it often now that we have started our high school journey!

  2. Thanks so much, Mary Prather, for stopping by, and your kind comment! I am hoping to put this into an ebook form someday, as I would like to help more families who are looking at the college option. I enjoyed reading your latest update, on your two kids, as they start another great year! Thanks for hosting Collage Friday!

  3. Thanks for all the great info

    1. Thanks, Christina. That is why I blog and wrote my book, to encourage other families who are homeschooling high school. So nice of you to stop by and comment! My best to you and your teen(s).

  4. Terrific resources. Thanks for sharing.


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