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Summary:  How can you help your homeschooled teen figure out what they want to do after graduation?  7 Sisters Homeschool high school career exploration curriculum was a great help for us and to gave our teen a homeschool high school credit. This post may included affiliate links to products that we love and have used or would use in our  own homeschool. Please see my disclosure policy.

Are you homeschooling a high schooler who just doesn't know what they want to do after graduating?

This can be such a hard time for our teens.

My niece, who I help to homeschool, came to me last week with tons of questions and worries.

She is just a sophomore and doesn't know if she wants to go to college, or community college or neither. And if she does decide to go to college, she has no idea of what she would want to study there.

Can you relate?

What can you do to help your teen figure out what they want to do with their life?

First, I reassured her that the answer would come.  And that she had time.  She was only a sophomore
you know.  We began by talking about what she liked to do and trying new things.

100 High School Electives
Trying New Things

So many times we really don't know until we begin to try new things.

So we talked about some local high school activities that she might like to try getting some ideas from my list of 100 High School Electives.

Then we looked online for one of those career exploration books.

We found a number of books on the subject, but they did not have the guidance or step by step approach that we were looking for.

Then I remembered that my friend, Vicki Tillman, MA, from 7 Sisters Homeschool had a course especially for homeschoolers on Career Exploration.

7 Sisters Career Exploration Course

My sweet niece wanted to purchase it right then.  So we did.  It had a nice step by step approach.  Just what she was looking for.

The idea of making a career choice, or even a guess or two is such a big question to deal with.  For adults even and especially for teens.  If it feels too scary then teens will just want to avoid thinking about it.  And we want them to be proactive in their own lives.  They need to be thinking about it.

7 Sisters high school career course has a nice nurturing tone about it.  And it is broken down into parts, so there are sections for your teen to choose from that can be done, one at a time.

I liked how the course started off with this quote:

"The first thing you need to know about Career Exploration is that you are not going to make a wrong choice!"  

How encouraging.

The 7 Sisters Homeschool High School Career Exploration Curriculum Bundle is a course that can guide your teen to finding their gifts and doing career exploration, including all of this:

- Step by Step guide to career exploration
- Career Exploration Questionnaire
- Career Exploration Workbook (31 pages)

AND helpful resources for getting that first job or a college interview:
- Resume Writing - to create a resume that captures things done BEFORE that first paying job
- Writing Cover Letters
- Interview skills

AND helps for finding one's own personal goals:
- Writing a personal mission statement
- Career exploration in the Bible
- Multiple articles on career exploration

-AND one more important thing for our teens:
- Tips on financial literacy

Career Exploration

I liked that my niece had so many resources to choose from!

She decided to start with the career exploration questionnaire. She took it home to work on independently.

I can't wait until we meet up again to talk about it and discuss her answers to it.  She left excited instead of stressed.

What I like about 7 Sisters Homeschool High School Career Exploration 

This career exploration resource is approachable, unlike many of the career exploration books out there.

It's tone was helpful for my anxious teen.  I like that it is faith based.  In the Bible section, Vicki Tillman, MA, the author writes:

"God is still guiding young people today. He is always present and always working in your life. If you keep your eyes open, you might begin to suspect what He is up to, or like many people in the Bible, you will simply have to know that God has plans and trust that these plans will unfold." 

This encouragement is just what I am looking for, for my niece.  I  like that they touch the heart.  So important to my niece's ability to deal with this subject in a non-intimidating way.

Writing a Mission Statement

I love how the Writing a Mission Statement section teaches the teen how to think, going from brainstorming to analyzing, then putting their thoughts all together in their own mission statement.

I wish I knew about this resource when my daughter was in high school, as she would have loved this section especially.

Helps for Getting that First Job

I also like that they have helps for getting that first job, with tips for interviewing and the like.  These things can also help a teen who wants to work part time while homeschooling high school.

It is such a pleasure to be a part of my niece's life, and to lend an ear as she begins to find a fit for her gifts  in her life.

Next week, we will start the Career Exploration Workbook.

The Career Exploration Workbook

This workbook is a helpful guide to self - exploration, starting with a chapter on finding the will of God.  Then it goes on to help your teen discover her gifts and talents.  I especially like the long list of careers that is included.  That will be a real help when we meet up again next.

For more information on the frugal 7 Sisters Homeschool High School Career Exploration  course just click here.  And give your teen another high school elective credit!  Does your teen want to go from homeschool to college?  Of course, that is only one of the paths they can choose from.

My friend, Jimmie Quick, has more on Homeschool Career Exploration for Curious Teens and their Parents.  They also are offering a free printable on career exploration here.

To find out about more courses that count as career exploration, click this link from my friend, Vicki at 7 Sisters Homeschool.

Are you wondering how to add this course to your course description?  Vicki from 7 Sisters HOmeschool gives great advice for that here - Career Explorations Course Description

I have gathered together my best tips for high school and college and put them into a book, called Homeschooling High School with College in Mind, 2nd Edition

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