Our Homeschool High School English Sequence and Curriculum Choices

Our favorite homeschool high school English curriculum and resources for our teen and how we put together our sequence for high school English in our homeschool.  Tips for those with college bound , too. This post may included affiliate links to products that we love and have used or would use in our  own homeschool. Please see my disclosure policy.

Are you looking around for new ideas for your teen's English next year?  We used a variety of curriculum for homeschooling high school English.  

Our sequence for high school English looked like this:

9th grade - Literature and Composition 1
10th grade - Literature and Composition 2
11th Grade - American Literature
12th Grade - British Literature

But there are SO many different ways to do high school English. 

For College Bound Teens 

Our daughter was college bound so we followed the college entrance requirements that she had for the colleges on her list.  They required literature and composition for each year of English.  

But yours could be completely different.  It really depends on the college. 

Some colleges allow for classes like speech and debate to count for an English credit.  Most colleges ask for 4 years of English.

For Teens Heading into a Vocation, Trade School or Community College

For those not headed directly into a 4 year college, there is usually much more leeway.  And as homeschooler, we do not have to follow the high school graduation requirements.  

Those going into a trade would still need good writing skills, but would not necessarily need to study literature.  That is up to you as the homeschooling parent.  (Just check your state's homeschool regulations to make sure they don't ask for anything specific.  Most don't.)



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Continued article from above:


9th and 10th Grades - Oak Meadow English

We started off with Oak Meadow English for 9th and 10th grades. Oak Meadow offers a number of living literature courses, from 9th to 12th grade.  

All of them included high school writing.

In fact they offered lots of writing practice in all of their courses.  It was great for teaching literary analysis and for guiding my daughter to develop good essay writing and report writing skills.

It taught my daughter how to write a variety of essays, and also how to do bibliographies for her research papers, and literary analysis papers. too.  It prepared her well for college English studies later on. 

It was paired with their choices of living literature, as are all their  English courses.  They offer used curricula for OM high school English here, called Oak Meadow Seconds.

11th Grade - 7 Sisters American Literature  

We found 7 Sisters Homeschool in 11th grade and chose to do their American Literature7 Sisters does a good job of teaching literary analysis, like Oak Meadow.  My daughter loved their no busy work approach. We liked it so much that I wrote a review of it here.  

This American Literature course came as a downloadable ebook, making is much more frugal than Oak Meadow. 

The 125 page course is a complete one year course centered around these novels:

A Separate Peace
A Raisin in the Sun
Little Woman
Huckleberry Finn
The Right Stuff
and 4 more.

We picked 5 of them to read and write about.  For more on my review of 7 Sisters Homeschool English, just click here..

7 Sisters Homeschool is FRUGAL, usually less than $30.00 for a year long course.  It is also less complicated than Oak Meadow and has lots of great discussion questions for each novel in the American Literature course.  

We liked the tone of 7 Sisters, which also offers many other English courses, including:

- Literature guides - More than 40 of them to choose from
- World Literature and more.

 For more information on 7 Sisters Homeschool English just click here

12th Grade - Making Your Own Course in British Literature

Another option that many families do for English is to create their own courses and pick out the literature choices themselves.  

We did that for senior year and made a course in British Literature.  We picked out novels that my daughter wanted to read, using Literature Guides from 7 Sisters Homeschool.  Then we paired that our own writing assignments and that made a complete English course for our teen.

I liked how the 7 Sisters courses are made by veteran homeschool moms themselves, who even led a high school co-op for years. 

Other English Curriculum that we considered:

Monarch and SOS,  and found them all to be strong.  But there are so many other great English curriculum courses also out there!  These are the other ones we looked at.

I hope this gives you some new ideas for your teen's high school at home.  Our daughter just graduated college, and some of our best homeschooling memories were made while talking about the novels she read for English.  

For more information on what is required for High School English, click here - High School Writing Requirements - an Authoritative Guide.   What would you add to this list?
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Wishing you a peaceful rest of the winter in your home, with your teen and your whole family.  

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