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Summary:  Are you homeschooling high school for your college bound teen? Our homeschooled daughter got into each of the colleges on her list, with scholarship offers.  And she did not have to do a lot of AP's or SAT subject tests. It was not hard to do! The colleges are getting more homeschool friendly. 
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Are you homeschooling a high schooler who is college bound?  

Does going through the college entrance process with your teen give you pause?  

It did for me.  

But after going through the process, I saw that I worried way too much, because I did not have a guide to follow. 

Helping my own homeschool grad get into the college of her choice, with scholarship offers to 3 other ones as well, taught me so much. 
So I gathered together ALL of my best tips and put them into a book, and I recently added 7 NEW chapters to it.  

To be an encouragement to other homeschool moms of college bound teens. 

We homeschool moms are too busy to have to pull all the homeschool related college information together ourselves.

Did you know that we must now write the counselor letter of recommendation ourselves, if we use the Common Application?

How, as a homeschool mom, do we do that? 

My book will tell you how to do that. 

All well and good, but how can we keep our nurturing homeschool style while doing all the college prep things?

We did and you can, too.  My teen was blessed to be accepted by each of the colleges on her list, including a tier one U, with scholarship offers.

If you want an easy-to-follow guide to homeschooling high school and getting into college, you would like my book. 

And having this guide by your side, you can easily keep your own chosen nurturing homeschool style.  

How can you help your teen find their path?  

If you get my book, you will have a chapter with over 100 high school electives and activities to browse through and get inspired by.

Want to do college prep in a frugal way?  My book is recommended by a certified college counselor, Lessa Scherrer, who wrote the introduction.  (Please see her recommendation below.)

Homeschooling High School with College in Mind - 2nd edition 

Paperback is on Amazon / Kindle is also on Amazon

My book lays out 10 easy steps for going from homeschool to college, and my best tips for help ing your teen get into the college of their choice, with 7 additional chapters full of NEW important up to date information.

But what exactly is in the book?

The 17 Chapters include:

>Chapter 1 - How to Start Homeschooling if you are a Newbie

>Chapter 2 - 101 Reasons to Homeschool High School

>Chapter 3 - Researching and Getting Started

  Chapter 4 - Planning High School and Making a 4 Year Plan

>Chapter 5 - Choosing Your High School Curriculum

>Chapter 6 - Three Ways to High School Credit

>Chapter 7 - Making Your Teen's Transcripts

>Chapter 8 - 100 High School Electives

>Chapter 9 - Making Homemade Courses

>Chapter 10 - Writing a Winning College Essay

>Chapter 11 - Course Descriptions and Reference Letters

>Chapter 12 - The Common Application - Your GUIDE

>Chapter 13 - Preparing Your Teen for College Writing

>Chapter 14 - Dealing with College Testing SAT/ACT

>Chapter 15 - Top Sources for College Scholarships

>Chapter 16 - Dealing with “Those Questions” from Others

>Chapter 17 - Don’t Forget the FUN!

There are 12 downloadable high school homeschool planning printables plus a transcript form for you to just fill in. 

The kind of transcript form that the colleges are used to seeing.

Create your own unique and nurturing high school program for your teen and showcase their accomplishments to the college.

What are people saying about it? 

"Betsy has a wealth of understanding and knowledge to share with the parents of college bound homeschoolers.  She provides support, encouragement and step-by-step advice on all aspects of the homeschool high school and college application process. This book is a must-read for parents considering homeschooling high school and for parents in the thick of the application process."
......... Lessa Scherrer, Certified College Counselor from College Inside Track

"Having a guide like this by your side is very helpful, as it has so much information that has been compiled with great detail...and simplicity in this book.  It breaks down the steps needed for homeschoolers who seek to succeed in high school and get into college successfully.
........ Hannah, homeschool mom and conference speaker  

"With a homeschooling mom of two boys in college and one in high school, the new second edition of this book is a valuable resource has been helping me (and them) stay on track!  If you are currently homeschooling a middle schooler, I urge you to get a copy of Homeschooling High School with College in Mind, 2nd edition."
........ Anne from Learning Table, homeschool mom, blogger, speaker - click here to read the rest of her review.

Why search the internet for each of your college questions, when you can have a resource by your side, to encourage you on your way.

When you buy my book you will have access to my special buyers one resource page, plus 2 FREE Facebook IM exchanges with the author.

Paperback and Kindle are on Amazon 

You are also invited to join my encouraging group for high school moms, called at Homeschooling through High School.  Lots of moms just like you there, sharing triumphs and challenges.  

Get your questions answered there, too.  

You are invited to join us here.

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