Homeschool Your Teen Through High School with FREE and Frugal Resources

Hi!  This is Betsy, a retired homeschool mom from BJ's Homeschool. Our daughter is now a homeschool grad. And also a college grad, not that everyone needs that.

Many of us experienced homeschoolers ponder to consider whether or not to continue through the teen years. 

Or just think it would be too hard. 

But homeschooling high school is really not hard to do!

It gave us that most important special time with our teen.  

So many of my favorite memories came from the high school years. 

And you can be alongside them, too, while they are growing up into young adulthood.

The thought of dealing with transcripts and assigning credit can feel so daunting. 

But it doesn't have to be. 

My mission is to provide free or frugal resources for high school families, to make the record keeping issues easier.



Title: You Can Do It! - Homeschool Your  High Schooler

This high school course video gives you the basics for homeschooling your teen, and the encouragement to do it!

VIDEO includes:

  • Choosing Curriculum
  • Making Transcripts
  • The Fun of High School Electives
  • What about college maybe?
  • and More!

2. Free PDF on Homeschooling High School

Have you seen my - How to Homeschool High school FREE PDF - yet?

It includes a lot of what we talked about in the video, and 
focusing on:  
  • Planning your High School, and
  • Easy Ways to Assign High School Credit

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3.  Ebook - FREE to Read on Prime

My book gives you much more info plus downloadable planning printables, and covers:
  • homeschool transcripts
  • calculating the GPA 
  • frugal curriculum resources
  • college admissions process if desired.

My mission is to encourage other homeschooling families to consider doing high school, to build up your teen in their faith and their family values.

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Betsy is a retired O.T, homeschool blogger, and most importantly is mom to her college grad, whom she homeschooled through high school.  She blogs at BJ's Homeschool, about the early yearshigh schoolcollege and 2e 

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