An Interview with a Homeschool Mom

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Good morning all!  Have you ever been over to the Faith and Good Works blog?  

I had the opportunity to be interviewed for their blog series - Interview of a Homeschool Mom, which they are offering every month this year.  Check it out!

What a great way to get to know other homeschooling families, and find one of two blogs to follow, that fit your own family's homeschooling style.

I am pleased to share and be interviewed today, to give your more of an idea of our homeschooling experience, and why and how we choose this path for our daughter.

As you know, we started when my kidddo was 4, and continued all the way through high school.....Here she is at 4, if you haven't seen this one yet....I just had to share, as she is still my "baby"....

She is the the one on the left, in the row of standing little ballerinas....She loved that class!

To read more about our journey, and details that I don't usually get time to share here, please click here.  This interview post will go live, at 8am Monday, February 1st.

I hope that this series at Faith and Good Works encourages you, and that it might add a little spice to your Monday, while you do the important work of homeschooling your precious kids.....

Happy Homeschooling,


Betsy blogs at BJ's Homeschool, where she writes about high school college admissionsand all the fun of the early years, too.  Betsy is also a published writer of children's stories and an OT.  She also offers guidance for college to families. 

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