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Summary:  Going from homeschooling high school to college. What do you need to know to get your homeschooled high schooler into college?  Researching the college entrance requirements, finding out where to find the homeschool requirements and how colleges differ from each other. I share my easy to follow tips for getting started homeschooling to college for different kinds of colleges.  It takes more than just looking up the college entrance requirements that are listed on the websites.  

As moms who are homeschooling high school, we are already experts in planning. We have searched the net, gotten advice from our friends and have chosen curriculum each year for our kids. We also have decided which subjects to focus on and how to teach them to our kids. 

Planning for high school with and college in mind is really no different, except for one important thing.....Now your teen has their college entrance entrance requirements to fulfill.  

Some popular online homeschool sources suggest that all we need to do is to get started is to check the college websites for their freshman entrance requirements.  

Is that right?

Actually the answer is no  

It is a good start.  And the easy-to-get-into-colleges may only ask for the college entrance requirements shown on their websites.  

BUT many colleges look for more than those college entrance requirements from their applicants.  

The very hard to get into colleges, ie, tier one U's may also even list out SAT subject tests, AP's and the like in their college entrance requirements.

It really depends on the college.  But dealing with this is really not hard.

Here's what I know:  

Easy-to-get-into-state colleges or Christian colleges may only ask for the college entrance requirements that are listed on their websites.  

But many other state and faith based colleges do look for more.  They will likely want to see your teen's high school activities, and did they develop a special interest, show leadership, show rigor in some way...etc.  

And those things will not be listed on their actual college websites.

Don't be confused by some of the information that is going around the web.  To get into college and be truely  College Confidence, it is important to know what the colleges are really looking for.

And all of it is NOT just listed on the college's website.  But it is here in my free download on "Researching and Getting Started" for college. 

and it includes the following key information:

- how to really researching the college websites 
- how to find out about any extra homeschool requirements
- and most importantly, what different types of colleges look for in their applicants

 Researching and Getting Started will give your college confidence.

Here's another very important college related question.  Does your college ask for extra homeschool requirements?  What about testing?

Homeschool Requirements and Testing

There two things are also important to know about when getting started:

1.  You will need to find out if there are any special homeschool requirements for your likely colleges.  Many any colleges still have them, but they are not hard to deal with.


2.   Check to see what the colleges requires re testing.  

Most colleges give you a choice of either the SAT or ACT and some are even dropping this testing requirement.  And I don't know of any college that asks for both.  

Most colleges do still require the SAT or the ACT, but there are many that do not require the writing portion.

And if they don't require that writing portion, then your teen doesn't need to do it!  

Did you know that MANY colleges do not?  

REALLY.  So if it adds stress to your teen's senior year, then why do it?  

We did not have to do the writing portion of the SAT for any of our colleges.  What a TIME saver!

Did you get your free download yet?  For true college confidence.  

How to find out your teen's prospective college requirements and more is discussed in depth in your download "Researching and Getting Started"

Your next step can then be to take these entrance requirements and information and sketch out a tentative 4 year plan for your high schooler. 

Making an 4 Year High School Plan 

Making a 4 Year High School Plan

With your list of college entrance requirements, etc in hand, it can be easy to sketch out what your teen's high school years might look like.....with your best guesses of what you want them to do when.  

Making an overall high school plan was the best way for me to keep calm and carry on, so to speak.  When I could see how my teen's college entrance requirements could fit into her 4 years of high school fairly easily, I relaxed.  

While making your 4 Year High School Plan, I have forms for that in my book mentioned below if you like.

Here's another thought.  

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to give your teen high school credit for the things that they do to prepare for college, like SAT/ACT test prep, etc?  

You can and we did, and we called it our:

Homeschool College Planner Course

Did you notice the elective called College Planner that I listed in my 4 year high school plan, in that article you just clicked on and read above? 

FIRST let me mention that you don't have to do a course like this. 

We just did it to give my teen credit for all her work preparing for the SAT.  We gave her credit for her work doing that and just made a very simple homemade course called College Planner.  We included her work on:

-SAT prep
-Studying college websites
-Visiting colleges
-Taking any career tests or interest tests
-Working on her college essay
-Filling out her college applications
and more.

We called it College Planner and each of my teen's colleges accepted this credit.  

That was such a help during the busy senior year!  But you could do it junior year, whatever works for you.  We just estimated the hours spent on these activities, and described them briefly in her course descriptions.  More on course descriptions is in my book.

Dealing with Stress and How to Reduce It

To be honest, this whole preparing for college thing was overwhelming to us at first.  And I stressed.  So did my teen.

What we did to combat that, was to build in the go to the zoo.  Teens still love to play.  Mine still loved the zoo.  Do yours?

Play and getting out in nature helped both my daughter and I with the whole college application process thing.  

Did you get your download "Researching and Getting Startedyet?

Would you like more tips on college from someone who has been there, done that?  

My book discusses what the colleges are looking for.  My teen got into a variety of colleges, including a state college, a faith based college, a tier one college and one more.

Most colleges look for :

- high school electives and activities
- volunteer hours (or work hours)
- some extras in core studies in the transcripts
- some proven ability to do college level work
- character as shown in the essay

... and they are discussed in depth in my book.

Become college confident and take the WORRY out of going from homeschool to college.

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Including 12 exclusive planning forms, and a Four Year High School Plan form.

Purchasing my book also helps me to continue blogging about high school and college topics, to keep us all up to date on the latest news re college for homeschoolers.

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Betsy is mom to her now college grad, whom she homeschooled from K through high school.  She blogs at BJ's Homeschool, about the early yearshigh schoolcollegegifted/2e and wrote - Homeschooling High School with College in Mind.   She offers homeschool help through messages at BJ's Consulting and has had some of her articles picked up by the Huffington Post.

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