No Room for a School Room - Where Our Homeschooling Happens

We have a very small home, with just two bedrooms, so we had to be creative about our homeschool organization.  Our homeschool space, through the years, has been ever-changing and evolving...

And we used a variety of techniques.....One year, it was a little preschool desk in our living room.  Then the next year, we used our dining room table.

I borrowed our dining room hutch and filled it with our homeschool books and supplies.  The dishes were placed in our kitchen shelves! The books took up all of our hutch, but that was ok.

I remember starting out with my 4 year old, when we just used a wooden table that we set it by the window, for my daughter to practice her letters and such....

..She could watch for birds at the same time....

Science happened wherever we were, as long as we had a pail for collecting her important specimens.....

Then, in the kitchen, we encouraged our young artist with pudding fingerpainting, drawing, gluing, cutting, and even painting with apples.  I just had to remember to cover the table with a plastic tablecloth, first, lol!

One year, we wanted to have a special space for reading.  So we just made a little reading space in my daughter's bedroom.

For a reading nook, I used a bookcase from the thrift store, and filled it with books, changing them out as she developed her reading skills.  Most of the books were either presents from family or found at one of our local children's consignment stores.

Here is how our Book Nook looked, in the early years...

We found the whale at a local garage sale.  It was great for my little one, to snuggle up with, and even read to!
My daughter continued to fill this bookcase with her favorites, through the years, including books that she saved from her Oak Meadow literature courses and other books special to her. 

Here's how our updated book nook looks today...

These days, my teen prefers to study here..... her own room, with the desk that she set up herself, decorated with her favorite things.  She used the same wooden table you saw from her earlier years, and just added the top piece from a desk set that she found at Goodwill.

The fish rug in the picture, above, was made from a puzzle years ago, that she put together with a layer of plastic.  And she added a penguin stuffed animal, as well, one of her cherished things.  By the way, our kitten ran in while I was taking this picture, so he was a surprise addition to it...

That's all about our homeschooling space, at home.  But lots of our homeschooling took place outside of it...

...starting with preschool ballet, music class, etc, and ending with Youth and Government activities.  Here's a picture from that teen activity....

And, our nature studies, of course, always took us outside.  First, to explore our backyard, then later to explore the pacific northwest through road trips. Sometimes my teen "took me", as she was practicing her driving skills....

And now, my previously very neat and tidy little one, will finally let herself get muddy....yes!

Thanks for stopping by, to see where our homeschooling happened...and,  you know,

Homeschooling happens everywhere!

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