Puerto Rico Kits for Kids Project - And the Value of Volunteering as a Family

One of the things that we especially liked about homeschooling was that it gave us a chance to volunteer as a family and give back to our community.

One year, my daughter's teen group volunteered at a food bank then wrapped presents at the mall to support another nonprofit.  Another time we collected stuffed animals and gave them to the fire department, to give out to kids in crisis. 

During senior year, my teen did a senior project that she designed, collecting canned food for cats, then giving them to a local senior center.  Through these experiences my daughter developed an understanding of the importance of giving back.  Plus a confidence that she could make a difference in the world.

Not often do we get an opportunity to help other homeschoolers!

But one has come up recently.....

We have been organizing to help a large homeschooling group in Puerto Rico., who have been hard hit by the recent hurricane.

We call our project Kits for Kids - Puerto Rico.


There is a large homeschool group in Puerto Rico connected to Happy Teens Homeschool at the Galactic Academy that has been struggling since the aftermath of the hurricane.

I met this group through my blog, BJ's Homeschool. They have been regular readers of my blog for years. Their group leader is John Maxson, from the Puerto Rico Homeschool Group at Galactic Academy.

That's 140 kids who are not able to meet to do schooling, who are also spread out around the island, with no electricity or running water in their homes.

Yes, Puerto Rico is still mostly in the dark.

Only those families who are lucky to have generators, and gasoline available, have power. And running water is still not in their homes! Stores are closed because of the lack of power, so basic supplies are hard to come by.

The news has quit reporting on the Puerto Rico situation.

But they are still in need, and here's a way that we can help at least some of the Puerto Rico families.

KITS FOR KIDS - PUERTO RICO - is sending hope and basic supplies to kids!

The first shipments have gone out to this group so far. Each kit has been safely delivered to the first recipients. And they have been thrilled!

Kids still waiting in the following area of Puerto Rico:

Bayamon, Arecibo, San Juan, Corozal, Toa Alta, Aquadilla, Trujillo Alto, Vega Baja, Hatillo, Guaynabo, and also in the Metro area.

$8.00 would buy a basic supply kit for one of these waiting children.

Each kit includes:

-antibacterial soap
-small towel
-hat for warmth at night
-flashlight and batteries
-small game from dollar store
-art tablet from dollar store
-crayons or pencils
-protein bars


Now they have essentials and also supplies to do school with draw, play games, etc.  Getting basic supplies is a problem with the power being out, and stores not open.


Some of the donations go directly to Florida, where your kits were assembled, then sent on to Puerto Rico, to save shipping costs. 

Our church, Saltwater Church from Des Moines, WA, just donated, but there are 55 kids who are still waiting.....

Won't you help us reach the last waiting kids?   

55 children are still waiting.

Donations can be sent to our Florida contact at:

Wanda Andino
980 E Church St E-305
Bartow, Fl.  33830

OR PAYPAL - Betsy Sproger


Betsy Sproger and friends
Writer/Owner - BJ's Homeschool

AND Especially from:

Puerto Rico Homeschool Group Leader
Galactic Academy
John Maxson under Eric Santos

Here is the background information on the situation for this homeschool group in Puerto Rico:

>>>"Thank you for asking . It's pretty bad here 😞  Not everything is being reported here . At least personally I have no water , electric. Some might have after a month some water . Deaths aren't being reported in our experience like they should be . For example , in our group one of the grandparents already passed away and it's not counted as because of hurricane Maria but we think it should because he was a dialysis patient. Hospitals are working as hard as they could . They now have electricity by generator but sometimes they go down . Diabetics have it hard too because the insulin has to be kept cold .
>>>Can't imagine other conditions. The help is real slow here . Fema didn't bring enough tarps so they were buying at the beginning what they could at Home Depot etc . At one place the line just for ice was about 500 people . Thank you again for asking about us . It really means a lot to us Betsy . You have warmed my heart which has been hurting with how some of our family's in the group have been.
>>>One mayor had palettes of food get ruined and dumped them in trash bins while people needed . Another mom in the group her family sent I guess special milk for her newborn and when she got the box by mail it had been opened and they had taken the milk .
>>>They personally know the address of about 140 of the kids in the group, and some of them in the photo attached. 
The group leader says "Hope you love the idea . It's a box of hope ❤"
Thank you again,

At the service of the Galactic Academy (Group Leader, Puerto Rico)
John Maxson under Eric Santos

Thanks for stopping by BJ's Homeschool,

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  1. Is there any way we can send money via PayPal? Just thought it might be quicker to get to you. If no, hopefully I can get a check mailed out. Such a great opportunity!

  2. What a great idea, and thanks for your comment, Inspiration to Creation! Yes, paypal would also work. All you would need is my name, Betsy Sproger and my email which is sprogerville@earthlink.net. Thanks for your interest and support! I so love being about to reach these homeschooled kiddos, who are struggling with still no power, etc. Have a super week!


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