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Summary:  Our adoption story and how we found out our daughter was gifted and twice exceptional, how we began homeschooling and figured out her to deal with her special needs.  This is part of the Gifted Homeschooler Forum's blog hop. Today I am joining our GHF blog hop to share more about our journey and how we found out that our daughter was gifted and twice exceptional.

We found out early that our daughter was gifted.  It happened on an exciting but long bus ride in China, just after we completed our adoption papers to bring her home.  Here we were, in a foreign country, that we had already come to love during our two years of waiting to be matched to our adopted little one.

We were all tired, well my husband and I were.  But our daughter was awake and eager to see everything out of the bus window, while all the other recently adopted babies were busy crying and carrying on.

To be expected.  But not our daughter........

This post has moved.  To read about how we found out that our daughter was gifted/2e, please click the new link below:

This is part of our GHF blog hop on How You First Learned Your Child was Gifted here.

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