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Summary:  My favorite homeschool elementary curriculum and resources, frugal and developmentally based.  #homeschoolelementary This post may included affiliate links to products that we love and have used or would use in our own homeschool. Please see my disclosure policy.

Click on the title and that will lead you to lots of information on each of these elementary homeschool resources, that we loved. 

The Art of Simple Book Making - Your Child is an Author

Birdwatching - Nature Study 

 This post is all about birdwatching, with photos of birds in our area, and  resources to help you incoorporate STEM into your day...

Best Amazon Finds for Hands-On Learning

second page for birthday book for betsy's review

Encouraging your Littlest Author  
Helping young ones express themselves in writing or copywork.

  Nature/science studies for your kids-- animals, earth, plants, rocks and fossils, habitats, etc, with easy to do experiments that teach STEM.

You Can Learn Sign Language

Stamp Collecting for Kiddos 
Learn Geography while having fun and practicing organizational skills, too.

Our Favorites for US History

Science FUN in the Garden - with Printables

A curriculum that is creative and full of hands on activities, with lots of art, too.

Oak Meadow is similar to Charlotte Mason in many ways.  It strives to reach the child...head, hands and heart.
Lions, Tigers, and Testing, Oh, My! 

 There are so many ways to approach testing for your child, if that is required in your state. 

My friend from 7 Sisters Homeschool also offers an extensive list of quality Elementary Curriculum Resources here - Favorite Homeschool Curriculum for Elementary Grades.

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