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Summary:  Homeschooling is a great way to educate kids with special needs, such as those who show signs of ADHD, ADD, or who have sensory issues.  Here's my best tips for homeschooling very active children who may also have specific sensory needs. #homeschoolspecialneeds #homeschooladhd #homeschoolspd  

Do your kids struggle with attention issues?  

Or are they very active, have difficulty concentrating, or showing signs of ADHD?  Or do you have a 2e child you are homeschooling?

When my 2e daughter was young, she was a very active child, who had ADHD tendencies.  She had a lot of difficulty concentrating on verbal directions.  She also had some sensory processing issues, and was a sensory seeking child.  

Homeschooling was the best choice for her, as it allowed me to adapt things to the way she learned best.  With her difficulty with auditory processing, ie concentrating on verbal directions, if she had to listen to the teacher talk, in public school, that would have been all wrong for her. 

I experimented around and found a number of things that facilitated her learning, and through the years these issues have become less and less of a problem.  

How we went about homeschooling her, when she was young... that is what I would like to talk about today.  As a long time homeschooler and a former O.T.

First I'll be sharing about the curriculum we used during these early years.  Then I'll talk about how we set up our homeschool day......with those all important breaks, and more.

Note - Due to Facebook regulations, I had to omit some text and give you the links to those items instead.  Sorry!  But all the info is on the related links.

Setting Priorities for our Homeschool

During the early years, preschool to 2nd grade, we focused just on the 3 R's, and did not concern ourselves with science or other subjects until later.  Not that you need to do that, that is just how we approached things....

Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

So let's start with the beginning, with how we did phonics..... 

Click here to reach our favorites for homeschool first grade curriculum and other early elementary favorites:

 ----Our Favorite Homeschool Curriculum Choices for First Grade----       

Giving Directions  

Using Figets - Whenever there are directions to be given, I always had my daughter play with a small toy for a figet.  This helped to lessen his anxiety and her concentration tended to improve.  

Auditory Processing Issues - When there were two part verbal directions to be given, such as for simple chores, I would say the direction first, then ask her to repeat it to me.  Later, when she was older, she preferred to write down any directions that were given. That technique helped her all the way through middle school.

Kids who have difficulty with verbal direction, tend to be visual learners.  I could set her work up so that she could learn visually, instead of the way it would have been done at ps, with the teacher giving multiple verbal cues and directions all day.

Taking Active Breaks 

To reach my tips for taking active breaks and also restful breaks, please click the link below:

Meeting Sensory Needs

Please click here to reach my tips on that from an OT perspective:

-----------Meeting Sensory Needs----------

Our daughter is now a college graduate, working for a local city nearby in their Communications department.  Her ADHD and sensory issues lessened through the years as she learned ways to adapt.  And yours will, too!

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Betsy is a former O.T, preschool teacher and published author of children's stories.  She is mom to her 2e college grad whom she homeschooled through high school.  She blogs at BJ's Homeschool about the early yearshigh schoolcollegeand is the author of "Homeschooling High School with College in Mind".  She offers homeschool help through messages at BJ's Consulting.

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  1. Our daughter just started Middle School and she has ADD. Focusing on writing is a constant struggle. Luckily, we discovered the “INK for All” software. It's developed to limit distractions as much as possible


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