Homeschool Summer and Fall Arts Online Offerings for your Kids and Teens

This article is about virtual offerings for art, music, drama and more from a very homeschool friendly organization called the Faith Center for the Arts.  #faithcenterforthearts #onlinelearning #homeschoolart #homeschoolmusic This post may included affiliate links to products that we love and have used or would use in our  own homeschool. Please see my disclosure policy.

Are you looking for something new to help make your kids's summer fun and creative this year?
This has been such a hard time for everyone this spring with concerns about covid 19.

Having to miss out on our weekly activities, co-ops, dance classes, or whatever your kids enjoyed before the pandemic, has been so hard on so many of us as homeschooling families.  And for public school families, with their kids missing school and also having to learn without their usual learning environment, has also been very challenging.

Wouldn't it be nice to have some of those things, like dance classes, music lessons and more, be offered online?

I recently have been introduced to the  Faith Center for the Arts, who has offered classes in the arts for over 25 years, and have served 500 homeschool families each year in:.......

- dance
- music
- drama
- visual arts

The Center provides a supportive, nurturing community where kids can feel safe to explore new things in the arts, and develop their artistic potential.

Since the quarantine started, this school has been creative and innovative, offering online and virtual classes, music lessons, and camps and more.

That will be continuing this summer!  What a great way to build in some fun and creative learning into your children's and teen's summer.

Virtual Summer CAMPS

At this time, Faith Center for the Arts is offering virtual camps throughout the summer.

From virtual lessons which were offered this past spring.
 Isn't that creative!
To reach their calendar, I invite you to click on Faith Center Events, and scroll through the summer months to see what CAMPS might appeal to your kids and/or teens.

For more information on summer at The Faith Center for the Arts, please click here:

Faith Center Arts Moving Forward at Home.

Or are you looking for something new for your children to do in the arts this coming fall?

One of the things that we most liked about homeschooling, was that we could follow our child's interests.  That started when she was 2 and 1/2, when she convinced us that she was ready for ballet.

We found her a class, and it was a great experience for her.  

Later, she enjoyed doing irish dance, and eventually joined a performing group that did events at senior centers and assisted living programs.

All of this did much more than just building her dance skills, athough that experience added a lot to her childhood.

It also gave her a chance to develop such skills as:

- self confidence
- direction following
- social skills and being a part of a group
- work ethic
- perseverance
- creativity
and more.

Fall at Faith Center for the Arts

The Center is hoping to re-open again this fall, in a safe manner.

Hopefully that will happen, and
then there will again be live classes in dance, music, visual arts, and drama.

If not, they will be offering their classes online again.  As there is a growing ONLINE program, too!

Your children and teens would have many class options in each category of music, drama, dance and the visual arts.

With classes ranging from guitar and dance to digital design and jazz band, there will be something for everyone aged 5 - 18!

Their teachers are all experts in their fields, yet the tuition is roughly half the national average for their families spread over 6 conveniently localed campuses.

Are you in the New Jersey area?  That is where the Faith Center for the Arts is located.

Hopefully the Center will be re-opening for live classes, which will be located in:

Oak Ridge
Staten Island

Fall registration is started in June.  For more information and to register, please click on:

Faith Center for the Arts - Main Programs 

I know my own daughter would have loved the offerings from the Faith Center for the Arts, and would have lots of trouble choosing from the many options that they offer.


To get more information or to sign up for camps or classes, there will be two more Open Houses:

Faith Center for the Arts Open House - JUNE 10th, 2020
Faith Center for the Arts Open House - JUNE 16th 2020

Another online art option is offered by my friend, Tricia Hodges, at You Are An Artist.

Frugal Art for all Ages
They offer TONS of frugal video-based art lessons, taught by an art teacher with many years of experience.

They even have some resources that are FREE.

And it is not hard to make this into an high school elective, for your teen.

I invite you to click here for more information on Frugal Art for all ages, and How to Make It into a High School Elective,  if you like.

They even offer sample lessons for free here - Sample Lessons - You Are An Artist

The Arts is such an important activity for our kids and teens, leading to so much growth and development.

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Don't worry about forgetting anything!

What other Arts resources are you aware of online?  Please share in the comments.

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