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Summary:  Deciding to homeschool high school or not can be a big decision for families . We found it to be the best choice for our daughter.  And we credit it with also helping her make Dean's List her first quarter in college.  #Homeschoolingtocollege is becoming way more common.  #Homeschoolinghighschool can be a great way to prepare your #gifted or #twiceexceptional teen for #college.

Knocking on the college’s door can seem so daunting, especially as a homeschooler.  At least is was for us.

Do you ever wonder about or worry about these sorts of things...….

- Will my 2e teen be ready for college level work?  

- Will they be able to compete with other students, whether public schooler or those from private schools?

Well, join the club!  

We did at first.  But after seeing our 2e daughter do well in her first quarter of college, I began to wonder why I worried so much.

Some colleges are even starting to recruit homeschooled applicants.  They want those self motivated teens who know how to find the answers to their questions and know where to look.  And do so independently.

Our daughter graduated college last spring.  She developed an interest in political science in high school, and that lead to a degree in that along with minor in Communications.  And she loved it.

We credit homeschooling for not only helping our daughter get into college, but also making Dean's List. 

Here’s 7 ways that it did:

1.  Homeschooling can best meet your teen's individual learning needs.

Homeschooling created an environment that nurtured and prepared our daughter well for college.  It gave us the flexibility to not only challenge her intellectually, but also explore and find ways to accommodate for her learning issues, similar to ADHD.

If she had been in public or private school, she would have been faced with learning most everything through listening to the teacher, in front of the class.  That would not have worked for our daughter.  And if she was tested, with only verbal directions, she would have failed.  In homeschooling, we used visual and tactile (hands-on) approaches, and she loved learning and excelled in it.  

As a homeschooler, she was able to learn in the way that she liked best. That is just the tip of the iceberg...

2. Homeschooling builds confidence by providing a strong foundation, and a soft place to fall, so crucial for kids, during the teen years.  

Nothing like knowing that a cozy home is a waiting our teens, when they just finished a difficult day at their part time job, a new activity, or just finished up with the ACT test.  She was well rested and able to focus on her test prep.  Later, in college, she is still taking advantage of this, as she commutes to campus.

3.  The 1 on 1 focus of homeschooling catches any learning gaps.

As homeschoolers, we can review, go back, switch up our curricula, or even add another year of high school, if that would help our teen.  

My daughter benefited from the freedom to switch curricula or approaches when needed, gearing our homeschooling to her strengths.  She was a visual learner, and we could set up her learning to focus on that, as opposed to auditory learning, and that made all the difference for her.

She could work ahead on some subjects, take extra time for others. It allowed us to accommodate for her sensory issues easily, day to day. 

4.  Homeschooling allows for time to build special gifts and foster and grow your teen's interests.  

Following their interests motivates our teens so much, even for doing the less interesting work that would be required for their chosen field of study. 

Helping our kids discover their inner-most gifts and interests, not only helps them grow, it also creates strong motivation for them to learn, study those things that will help them in the future.

When my daughter wanted to try her hand at becoming a leader, we found activities that would foster those skills. 

Homeschooling gave her the time, and the resources, to pursue her interests in leadership.  And when my daughter applied to her college honors leadership program, her high school activities helped her get accepted.  More information on Youth and Government and the Mock Youth Legislature program can be found in Chapter – Electives and Activities.

5.  Interest-led learning produces motivated, self-starters.  

Encouraging their interests builds self starters!  That is just what many colleges are looking for, motivated and independent learners,and those are things that makes a college student succeed.

6.  Homeschooling teaches self management skills

Homeschoolers learn how to organize their studies, plan their days, and prioritize what needs to be done first, etc....... all skills that are essential to success in college or a new vocation.

My teen even took our workboxing organization style with her to college!  Organizational skills learned at home were key to her success in her freshman classes at college.

7.  Homeschooling teaches problem solving and researching skills

My daughter watched me search and choose homeschool curriculum each year.  During homeschool, she had often seen me search for resources, as we chose curricula, searched for a dance class, or surfed the net for help in algebra, from Khan Academy.  

Through the years she learned how to problem solve and research things for herself, as she did that every day in our homeschool.

When faced with a difficult class in college, she put her problem solving skills to work.

So her first thought, when faced with this difficult college math 
class was not how she could find a way to drop it.  It was, instead, a question to be answered - What resource would help me to deal with this?

She came to me and we worked out a plan together.  She completed the class and did well in it.  Homeschooling taught her the problem solving skills to do that.  

Those are my top 7 reasons why homeschooling prepares our teens well for college.  

What would you add to this list?  

I helped my daughter get accepted by each of the college on her list, including a tier one U, with scholarship offers. I wrote about how we did that, in my book called:

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collegegifted/2e and wrote -Homeschooling High School with College in Mind, 2nd Edition,   She offers homeschool help through messages at BJ's Consulting and has had some of her articles picked up by the Huffington Post.

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  1. I'm still in those precious early least with my youngest. He went through KG in PS, and is going through it again in homeschool, because it just didn't work for him. He loves make-believe and I incorporate it as much as possible, though honestly I'm a little burnt out on pretend right now.

    1. Wishing you a peaceful and loving Kindergarden year! I remember doing that, all the fun, and also all the help and guidance that kids need so much at that age. My daughter was very active at age 5, and was always very wanting more. Why not take a break from make believe, maybe, and go for something else that you might enjoy more with him! I recall going to the library a lot at that age, and that gave me a break, too, which I needed, lol! Have a great week, Gale, and thanks for your comments! It is so nice to hear from my readers.

  2. Homeschooled all the way to college, that's amazing :). I've heard of Explode The Code but don't know anything about it, nor did I know what it looked like, so I appreciated seeing a photo of it. I'm always looking for quality curriculum so I'm going to look into that one for my 5 year old. Thanks for the idea, and thanks for linking up at my first ever Learning Kid Link-up :).

    1. Thanks, Melanie Thomas, for stopping by! I enjoyed linking up to the Learning Kid Blog Hop, and plan to do it again soon. We loved Explode the Code, and it was key to my daughter's good reading skills, through the years.

  3. Homeschooling has been a wonderful option for us for so many reasons. From learning disabilities to giftedness it's been a crazy journey for us but definitely the best choice for my three kids.

    1. I agree, Rose@Walnut Acre! Homeschooling can lend itself so well to both learning issues and giftedness, and I can relate to it being a crazy journey, at times, too! Thanks for leaving your comments,

  4. Great post! I love how you listed out the advantages to homeschooling!

    1. Thanks, Erin @ Nourishing My Scholar, for your kind comment!

  5. I LOVED reading your story and what you saw as advantages! I was homeschooled through most of my education, I did go to public school for grade 11 and 12, but I wasn't a fan. I LOVED LOVED LOVED being homeschooled. I am so close to my family, I was determined, ambitious, knew what I wanted to do, homeschooling was one of the best gifts my mom could have given me and I am sure your teen will say the same.

    Thank you so much for linking up at Favorite things Friday! Hope to see you again this week!

    1. Thanks, Rebecca Spooner, for stopping by and sharing your comments! I loved reading your story too! I also love linking up at Favorite Things Friday every week! Thanks again,

  6. Thanks for linking up at the Homeschool Blog & Tell! I agree with all of your reasons. You are definitely reaping the rewards of the efforts you put in through the years and it sounds like you have a great relationship with your daughter. :)

    1. Thanks for hosting the Homeschool Blog and Tell, HSBAPost Sara, and for stopping by! We are so glad that we homeschooled, and feel that that is why our daughter continues to seek us out, for encouragement and direction, while she takes on college. It is so nice, also, to have the HSBT to share our posts, and to connect with other homeschooling families. Have a great day!

  7. Such great points on the benefits of homeschooling.

    1. Thanks so much, Ticia, and thanks for stopping by BJ's Homeschool!

  8. Hi Betsy! I am so happy to find you through The Homeschool Nook Link-Up! I love this post-and couldn't agree more! I love how you share your personal experiences with homeschooling! My favorite part about homeschooling is how we can follow our children's interests-and see where it leads! Followed you on FB, G+, and Pinterest:) ~Amy from Busy Boys Brigade

    1. I just wanted to mention your blog, Amy, the Busy Boys Brigade, and I love your title, especially! Enjoy those rough and tumble days, with your sons!!

  9. Thanks, Amy milcic, for stopping by and taking the time to leave your comment! It is such a blessing for my family, that we could follow our daughter's interests, and through that, build up her self esteem and skills, at the same time... and I love connecting with other families! Welcome to BJ's Homeschool, and I wish you a wonderful week with your family,

  10. I love your list of advantages. I'd definitely agree with all of them and could probably add even more! I love the freedom homeschooling brings, plus my kids aren't worried about what the latest fad/fashion is or worrying about whats cool or who's popular. I feel like they have their own individuality still in tact and I plan to preserve that as long as humanly possible!

    Thanks for linking up over at the homeschool nook. I'm sure my readers will love this post as well!

    1. Thanks, Jeanetta Roberts, and I will be looking to connect again on The Homeschool Nook! And isn't individuality so important.

  11. I've graduated one that we homeschooled. I have a senior now and an 8th grader! I definitely agree with your points about how homeschooling prepares them for life in general, and specifically college as the next step. It also gives time for the kids not quite ready for college to figure things out. Thanks for the encouragement!

  12. Yes, Jennifer Dodrill, and isn't it wonderful that homeschooling can give that extra time for a teen, when it is needed. Thanks for sharing your comments! Wow, you have as senior and an 8th grader....Remember to let it all soak in, as you go through your teen's senior year with her. We had lots of special memories from my daughter's senior year...

  13. Yes, Jennifer Dodrill, and isn't it wonderful that homeschooling can give that extra time for a teen, when it is needed. Thanks for sharing your comments! Wow, you have as senior and an 8th grader....Remember to let it all soak in, as you go through your teen's senior year with her. We had lots of special memories from my daughter's senior year...


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