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This week was all about time off from college for my teen, and enjoying time together for our family.  

So we talked about her first quarter of college, that she had just completed.  It was like our usual discussion, we used to do, this time of year.  So, we continued with that tradition, and did a college re-evaluation.  I am sharing that with you today, so you can see how my homschooler is doing in the college environment.
The last time we did a re-evaluation together, like this, we were in the midst of homeschooling her senior year!  

College Re-evaluation

We discussed the college that she was going to, what major she was considering, and her college activities.

Her College Choice

My daughter started by saying that she was really pleased with her college choice.  She was glad that she chose a small campus, and she has been able to get help directly with her professors.  She had also just received her grades from her first quarter, and I was so pleased that she had done well.  Her study skills, learned in homeschool, were really paying off.  The we talked majors....

Prospective Major

My teen decided to continue on with her business track.  But she is also looking at a few other possibilities...communications, or political science.  But, since she is a freshman, the final decision isn't needed yet.  That gives her more time to explore.  

It can take a while for kids to decide what they want to study.  I want my daughter to take her first year to try new subjects and see what might be a good fit.  Since her main interest remains in the business area, while she explores, she is going to continue working on those prerequisites, so that she can keep that option open.

Grades have not been a problem.  She made Dean's List this year, once she got adjusted to the level of college work.  

Update - In sophomore year, she applied to an honors program in Global Leadership, got in and is enjoying it.  The courses are heavier, but she likes the challenge and the other kids in the program.   She has decided not to major in business.  Looks like she will be majoring in leadership and communications.


My teen has joined the SAB, student activities board, and is also working on setting up a dance exercise club on campus.  These activities are similar to what she did in high school, Youth and Government,(YAG) and dance classes.   

YAG gave her a lot of practice in meeting new people, and making new friends, which has helped her, as she gets settled at a brand new college campus.  Trying new activities/groups in high school, can help prepare your student to take on college later.

Notice how my daughter picked college activities that were similar to her high school ones....student government, dance classes.  Here she is in a student government meeting at her college.

My daughter is enjoying her dance club again this year, and is now acting as president.  She decided to drop out of the SAB, student activities board, except for going to the meetings related to her club.  Making friends has happened largely through her club and also her leadership program.

It was so nice to catch up with my daughter, and know that she was on her way to getting well established on campus.  And it is such a joy to watch her grow and blossom, and to be there for her, as she makes important decisions, and learns how to manage her studies, etc at college.

So to celebrate, we headed out for a little road trip, just like we used to do, many times during her senior year. It was a glorious, with a grey-blue sky day....

We are so blessed to be able to get out in nature together......and not in a hurry, for once! 

We saw a heron here, nearby the lake. I am looking forward to many more excursions like this one, during our daughter's next break from college. It was such a wonderful way to feel renewed, and to celebrate my "kid's" first quarter in college.

Look out - spring break!

Does your family do a winter re-evaluation?  What do you like to do when you feel burned out and need to be renewed?   I enjoy reading your comments.

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