Our Favorite Picture Books about Birds..... and Birdwatching

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One of the reasons that we loved homeschooling our 2e daughter was that we could build in nature study, and getting out in nature whenever we wanted...Well, if it was really raining, we just might not want to, lol.  

For my gifted 2e kiddo, being out in nature was really the best medicine for finding peace after a hard day.

That started when she was a little one.  Sometimes getting out in nature was a simple as exploring for insects in the backyard, or just taking a book outside, to read under a favorite tree.  We also liked having a bird feeder and a suet feeder hanging out our living room window, so that we could watch the birds come by.

Gradually, birdwatching became a favorite past time for my daughter.  When my daughter had an interest, like this, we often enjoyed extending our learning in any way that she wanted to. Over the years, we did a lot with bird study, and just plain bird watching fun.

I wrote about some of our  bird watching activities in elementary ,
and in the teen yearsalready.

Today I'd like to share our favorite books that we recommend for reading about birds and bird watching, starting with picture books, for your youngest nature lovers.

Then for olders kids, who may never have gotten into birdwatching, I'll share my favorite book to inspire them.

Picture Books and Nature Journals for Young Birders

Here they are with links for more information....

For Older Kids

Herer's our favorite book to inspire your older kids, or even young teens, to get into bird watching....

Hi Diddle Diddle, Read a Bird Riddle
(all photos printed by permission of the author)

This book, by Georgette Vikingstad Valle, and illustrated by Debra Valpey, consists of 28 accurate and complex riddles that cleverly describe each of the 28 birds that are featured in this book. 

This is a great way to introduce birding to kids.  It can also a fun way to test birding knowledge, for those kids who have already started bird watching.

 The illustrations are also beautiful and may inspire your kids to draw or paint what they see...

For more of my review of Hi Diddle Diddle, Read a Bird Riddle, or to order the book click here. 

We always have worked to build in nature in our homeschooling days, and get out, hunting for herons.....especially when we needed a break from our studies.  

My daughter's interest bird watching has blossomed through the years.  She still loves to take photos of birds, and, in fact, recently, she came home from college, with this photo of two eagles...

What do you like to do to build time with nature into your days?  I love reading your comments.  

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