Indoor Play Activities that Help with Handwriting

Summary - Indoor play activities for a rainy day that actually can help your child build foundational skills for handwriting.  #indoorplay  #handwriting

With summer approaching, are you, by any chance, looking for some fun indoor activities for your kids, when it is too hot to play outside?  

I recently found a resource that offers easy-to-do inside play activities, from Play Packs.  In fact, these activities can actually help with handwriting, build muscles and be just plain fun.

Play-Pack Gross Motor offers a number of activities that can build up your kid's foundational skills for handwriting.  

Did you know that the shoulder muscles actually are a big part of handwriting?  These activities can help build up the shoulder and core muscles, as well as those of the wrist.

I wrote a review of this resource, with more photos of the activities involved.........Feel free to click here  and read more.

Do you have questions about your child's handwriting skills? If you like, I encourage you to share about that in the comments, and I will be happy to give you my ideas and suggestions.

For more ideas on handwriting, click here, for my handwriting section.

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