Handwriting Helps

Do you have a struggling handwriter?  

Or are you looking for free or frugal resources to teach handwriting to your kids?

Below are my easy-to-use articles on handwriting, full of fun activities to help your child with handwriting.

These activities can be a real help for your struggling handwriter, too.  Each of these activities can give them a break from their regular handwriting workbook, while building foundational skills for handwriting.

From teaching the ABC's to helping kids who struggle with holding their pencil and getting those words onto the page.  I am a former OT in my pre-homeschooling days.

Don't miss the PDF on Handwriting Helps: 

FREE easy-to-use HELPS for teaching HANDWRITING plus EASY activities for your struggling handwriter, with special OT tricks to help make the learning FUN for your kids.

NOTE - FOR SPECIAL NEEDS HOMESCHOOLING ARTICLES for ADHD, ADD, or sensory issues, just scroll down to the bottom of this post.

Small Muscle Games for Handwriting 
Make it FUN!

BJ's Frugal Guide to Handwriting

Free and Frugal Resources for Teaching Handwriting the easy way!  Your don't need to buy an expensive curriculum if you don't want to do that.

9 Ways to a Mature Grasp - Games and Fun!

Get your kids to hold their pencil with a mature grasp, with these fun games!


Develop Hand Strength with Homeschool Clay Activities

Indoor Play Activities that can help with Handwriting

Helping Struggling Handwriters 

These tips are especially for those kids whose words tend to end up all over the page.  And that is a common problem for many children.  These guides can be a real help.

Some kids do better with these simple aids. See what works best for your child.

Homeschool Help

No question is too small.  Sometimes it is nice to chat with another homeschooling mom who has been there.  I am happy to help.  Chat with a mom who is just like you.

ADHD, ADD, Sensory Issues, or Sensory Processing Disorder

Tips for active elementary kids with ADHD or Sensory Issues

Helping Struggling Readers to Focus Better

Homeschooling Kids with ADHD

I invite you to join us on Pinterest, for more ideas and encouragement for your elementary aged homeschoolers.

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  1. What about handwriting for high school age/ adults? I don't enjoy offending my kids, but I feel I'm constantly trying to reinforce handwriting with them...

  2. Good question. Some of the ideas for activities to enhance a mature grasp can work with teens. Also, the clay activities are complex and may be of interest also. Otherwise, I would use their own words to create copywork. Let us know what works for you!

  3. These are some great ideas to teach the kids. Handwriting is such an important part of education.

  4. Thanks for the great ideas because handwriting is so important to teach the kids about for their education.

  5. Handwriting ... so important to learn!


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