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As homeschoolers, we are already experts in planning. We have searched for and chosen curriculum each year for our kids. We have decided on which subjects to focus on and how to teach them to our kids.

Planning for high school, with college in mind is really no different, except for one important thing.....Now your teen has their college entrance entrance requirements to fulfill.  How to find out your teen's college requirements is discussed in depth in chapter one of my book, "Researching and Getting Started".

I am offering it to you today as a download.  To get your FREE copy just click here.


There are 2 more important things to know when helping your teen apply to college. 

...and they are not hard at all to deal with!

1.  First, find out if there are any special homeschool requirements for your likely colleges, and many colleges still have them, but they are not hard to deal with.  REALLY!  And they are getting easier and easier.  That is the trend.

and also....

2.   Check to see what the colleges requires re testing.  Most give you a choice of either the SAT or ACT and some are even dropping this testing requirement.  And I don't know of any college that asks for both!  You NEVER have to do both!

Also - Does your college require the writing portion of the test? Did you know that MANY colleges do not?  REALLY.  So why do it?  We did not have to do the writing portion of the SAT for any of our colleges.  What a TIME saver!

More of this is discussed in the free download mentioned above, or click here,

The Download includes

- how to research college websites 
- the typical requirements for different types of colleges 
- tips for finding out about homeschool requirements
- how to find out what test is required SAT or ACT, or none!
- whether the writing portion of the SAT or ACT is required or not!

Once you have this information....

:..then you are ready to make a 4 year plan for your high schooler.

Making an Overall High School Plan

With our list of admission requirements in hand, we sketched out what our high school years might look like.....with our best guesses of what we wanted to do when.

Our overall plan was flexible, and revised and reworked every year, as life happened.  Yet it was a helpful guide for us, and ours looked something like this:


My Teen's Requirements

4 English
2 Sciences with Lab
3 Math with one Math-oriented Science in Senior Year
3 Social Studies
2 Foreign Language

+ Electives to equal 24 - 26 credits

My teen's first day on campus.

 9th grade

World History
English (lit and composition)
Science - Physical Science (good prep for bio next year)
Math - Algebra 1
Elective - Photography
 10th grade

Foreign Language - Spanish 1
Science - Biology with Lab
Math - Geometry
English (lit and comp) - We choose the novels 

Take the PSAT for test taking practice
  11th grade

Foreign Language - Spanish 2
 US History 
Science - Chemistry with lab
Math- Algebra 2
English- We did American Lit (fun to do with US History)
 Elective - Art Drawing

Take the SAT or ACT first time


12th grade

 US Government - for my teen's interest 
Science - Physics - also for special interest
English - We made our own in British Lit
2 Electives:

College Planner (see end of post for info)

Take SAT or ACT again if needed

(We did SAT prep and retook it)

Your plan could be similar or entirely different from mine, depending on:

1.  Your college choice's admission requirements

2.  Your college's extra homeschool requirements, if any
(Please do check this, ask Admissions if it is not listed)

2.  Special requirements for prospective math/science majors
They usually need 4 years of math, and 4 years of science

3.  Your homeschooling style, your teen's goals

4.  Your teen's interests 

Get a printable for making your own 4 year plan when you get my book.

It is one of the 13 printables available in my frugal book on homeschooling to college.  


Building in the fun.
I loved seeing this penguin up close, too!

To be honest, this whole preparing for college thing was overwhelming to us at first. What we did to combat that, was first to build in the go to the zoo.  Teens still love that too!

Then secondly, to plan ahead and lay out a tentative overall plan for the high school years.  And it was very tentative, that helped us a lot too!

Making this flexible 4 Year High School Plan helped us in these ways:

1.  First, if I had this plan to follow, I would be less likely to forget a requirement or two, and have to scramble in senior year, to fit it in. 

2.  Secondly, it freed my teen to focus on building her interests, because our core studies were already set in mind and on paper.

3.  It gave us confidence to push forward, and enjoy the high school years.

College Planner - What's that?  


My teen was  a big part of our planning.

Did you notice the elective called College Planner that I listed above, in Senior Year?  Since my teen studied for a second round of the SAT the summer before senior year.....

We gave her credit for her work doing that and just made a very simple homemade course called College Planner.  We included her work on:

SAT prep
Studying college websites
Visiting colleges
Taking any career tests or interest tests
Working on her college essay
and more.

We called it College Planner and each of my teen's colleges accepted this credit.  That was such a help during the busy senior year!  But you could do it junior year, whatever works for you.  We just estimated the hours spent on these activities, and described them briefly in her course descriptions.  More on course descriptions is in my book.

Then we put our planner away....

Aiming towards college, step by step, allowed us to prepare for the college admission process, while keeping our focus on our nurturing homeschool style, front and center!  

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and aiming towards college.

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 PDF on Educents 

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plus an editable and blank transcript form, the kind the colleges are used to seeing, ready for you to fill in.  With complete instructions!

Purchasing my book also helps me to continue blogging about high school and college topics, to keep us all up to date on the latest news re homeschooling to college.

Thanks for stopping by!  


Betsy is mom to her now college senior, whom she homeschooled from day one.  She blogs at BJ's Homeschool, about the early yearshigh school & college and wrote the book - Homeschooling High School with College in Mind.  She offers free homeschool help through messages at BJ's Consulting

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