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Summary:  How to homeschool preschool and kindergarten, using hands-on activities to teach early math, through discovery.

We began homeschooling when our daughter was ready for Kindergarten but was too young and was already reading, showing an interest in math, too.

Since I was already a preschool teacher, we jumped right in and provided early learning activities at home.

I also did not want her to go to an outside preschool/K that focused on early academics.  My bias is to use play to teach early academics.  When kids learn things themselves, they really stick.

I developed an early learning math class one year, as a teacher.  We focused on math play with lots of manipulatives.  And we used a lot of simple items from the home for that, as our budget was small.

The kids learned so much by playing with the simple items that I provided, like a bunch of buttons for example.  I would set them out on a table and gather the kids around.  Then they would play with them.  As they did, I showed them how to make sets, and other early math concepts. And it was especially great when they figured these things out themselves.

To read more on how to do early math with your child, and making a simple manipulatives kit with common items found in the home, just click here:

Early Math FUN! - Homeschooling Preschool/K Math - Making a Manipulatives Kit and More

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