Helping Your Child/Teen Find their Tribe - through GHF Online Classes

My 2e always homeschooled daughter just graduated college, this past spring. 
She loved it there, especially after she found her tribe....That was when she joined an honors program on campus, full of others who were bright and eager to learn, like her.

My daughter on her college campus, 2018.
It was not so easy to find like minded friends when she was younger.

We began homeschooling when my daughter was too young for kindergarten, but already reading and doing math.  

We continued through the years all the way through high school, as it was the best fit for her, being 2e.  We used a variety of resources, some part time public school classes, online courses from colleges, and the like.

I wish I had known about the live online courses at Gifted Homeschoolers Forum when she was young.

My daughter was always a smart and curious person, pondering the big questions even as a very young one. We found friends and some community feeling through her electives, like gymnastics and dance.  But finding intellectual and stimulating conversation for her, and friends who were like her, was a challenge.

We did not find out about the online courses at GHF until after she graduated from our homeschool.  She would have liked the live online courses now being offered by GHF.  As a middle schooler, she was very consumed with science studies.  She would have loved to take Science: a Way of Knowing, currently being offered by Sabrina Weiss. 

At that age, she also was interested in writing and politics.  I wish she had had the opportunity to join in a course like Writing to Promote Change.  Taught by Hosanna Patience this semester, starting January 28th, she would have loved to be a part of the discussions there, with other young writers.

Homeschooling gave us a chance to try a number of electives and activities, but often there was still a lack of opportunities for my child to meet up with other like minded kids.

That is why I am excited to see the whole range of classes for kids 13 and over offered by GHF this semester.  Having a chance to dialog regularly with other bright and quirky kids....that would have been the high point in my daughter's homeschool....every week.

I am honored to be one of the GHF bloggers, and happy to have the chance to help spread the word about all of the live online courses coming up this semester, starting January 28th.

What course would your own middle or high schooler love to join?

For more information, feel free to check out the Gifted Homeschooler Forum's Online Class Schedule is here.  Or do you want to learn more about the individual teachers?  If so just click here.

I hope you find something stellar for your dear child or teen, and I wish you well in your homeschool or public school journey with them this year.  Happy 2019!

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