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Summary:  Our choices for preschool homeschool math curriculum, elementary homeschool math, curriculum, middle school homeschool math curriculum, high school homeschool math curriculum and how we added in living math all along the way. Homeschool math curriculum reviews are included.  #homeschoolmath #homeschoolcurriculummath #homeschoolpreschool #homeschoolkindergarten #homeschoolhighschool

Are you kids struggling with their chosen math curriculum?  Are you looking for another way to go that might fit their learning style better?

We switched out our math curriculum more than once in our homeschool, once in elementary, and then again in high school.

Sometimes our original choice in homeschool math curriculum just didn't make the grade, so to speak.  So we took the leap and searched around for other options again, and each time we found a math curriculum that worked better than the original one. 

Yes, it was hard to let go of our initial homeschool curriculum choice, and it did impact our budget.  But each time it made for a happy math student in our house.  And success in her math studies.

Today, I'd like to share our favorites for homeschool math curriculum for preschool math play, elementary homeschool math, middle school math and also high school homeschool curriculum math options.

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Preschool to High School

....to reach more information about all of our favorites for math.  I hope that it is a help in your homeschool and for the young mathematicians in your house. 


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