Teaching Homeschool Science - Hands-On - for Elementary and Middle School Kids

 Teaching science using hands-on approaches, science kits, science experiments,Magic School Bus science kits, ,elementary hands-on science, educational gifts, science kits for homeschoolers, preschoolers, kindergarten, and elementary aged children. This post has affiliate links to products that we love and would use in our homeschool.  Please see my disclosure policy.

Are you looking for a fun way to teach science to your kids?   Do you have a young one who learns best through hands-on approaches, like mine?

My 2e daughter learned so much from doing hands-on projects in our homeschool.

It was nice and cozy inside when my daughter had a fun project to do.  And she loved it when a new science kit came in the mail. 

At the same time, doing hands-on projects taught her so much, and with her ADHD tendencies, we saw improvement in attention span, concentration, attention to task, and more.  And doing these activities or kits together made some of my favorite homeschool memories.

Here are a bunch of science resources for you, including from our favorite educational publishers.

Let's start with science kits for experimentation:


For science in the elementary years, we mostly focused on simple science projects from Evan Moor, and hands-on science kits like these below, that my daughter chose herself.

That way we could follow her interests.

We did not use a homeschool science curriculum, but instead used science kits that were hands-on, supplementing with library books on our daughter's favorite science topics.  This approach was plenty for elementary science, and it was driven by her intense curiosity.

Another one of my favorite companies for science kits is the Magic School Bus Company. ..

Then, when my daughter was a young middle schooler, we found some great educational science kits from Science Wiz Kits. We especially loved these.  

Here is my review of one of them, if you would like more information.


My friend from 7 Sisters Homeschool also offers an extensive list of quality Elementary Curriculum Resources here - Favorite Homeschool Curriculum for Elementary Grades.  
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