Blessed by our Twice Exceptional Homeschooled Kid

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We knew our daughter was gifted when we adopted her in China, as an infant.  She was just so aware of everything around her, especially on the long bus trip from her orphanage to the government offices there.  But that is another story.  Link to that amazing time is here.

We were so excited to meet her, take her in, and she quickly became family.  We have SO many precious memories of that first year together....

Then over months and really years, we also saw that she was 2e.  She struggled with behaviors that were akin to Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD.

We decided to try a little homeschooling when she was ready for kindergarten, but too young and already reading and doing math.

Fast forward twenty one years, and now our daughter is a homeschool grad and also a college grad.  Our 2e daughter graduated last spring from University.  She was a blessing before and she is such a blessing now.  

We decided to go the homeschool route and found for us that it was a great way to go.  In fact, we saw......

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