Homeschool High School Diplomas and How to Get One

Summary: Finding a homeschool diploma for your homeschool high school graduate is not at all hard to do.  Sharing our favorite sources for finding just the right high school diploma for your grad. 

When we homeschool mamas graduated high school ourselves, we got a diploma made by our school.  They came from a local printing company I am sure.

Now for our homeschool grads, there are a lot of places to go to get a nicely printed diploma across the web.

Does your grad want one?

Mine did.

She wanted all the extra senior year things, like going to a homeschool prom, graduating with her homeschool friends at a homeschool grad ceremony, and of course, getting her own high school diploma.

There are free, frugal, and other options for getting a homeschool diploma.  But none of them are hard to get.

Here's our favorites from what we found on the web:


LHSHS diploma 2

Let's Homeschool High School site offers downloadable diploma here.  

They have step by step instructions for downloading each of their diploma templates.  
There are 7 templates to choose from. 

2.  ETSY offers Personalized Homeschool High School Diplomas that are printable as a PDF.  They are less than $7.00.

image 0

They also offer a Christian based Diploma.  

3.  Homeschool Diplomas is a company that offers more than diplomas.  They also offer diploma covers, cap and gowns, announcements, class rings, and gifts.  

They all are printed on high quality paper and they offer 3 different types of high school diplomas, as follows:

- Standard
-and Gilded

They prices range from $29.99 to $59.99.

Their standard diploma is above.  The standard diploma presents the crucial information in a classic way.  There is a choice of 2 papers and 3 embossed seals to personalize your teen's diploma.

Just click here to check out the other two diploma options offered by Homeschool Diplomas.

Homeschool Diplomas is a family owned company who homeschooled their two children.  In the beginning they made all of their diplomas by hand.

Having a high school diploma was a very special part of our teen's graduation celebration.  It symbolized all the hard work that sher did throughout her high school years.  

But it also served another very important purpose.

Whenever someone asked her "Do you have a high school diploma?"  She could answer yes!  She had a high school diploma.  They didn't ask if it was a homeschool diploma or a public school one, lol.

Senior year was an exciting time in our house.  Of course it is such a busy year, too.  But it also built so many wonderful memories....Watching our daughter get ready for her homeschool prom, celebrating with family, and just spending time with her through the year, talking about what she wanted to do next in her life.

And graduation time also reminded us of how happy we were that we homeschooled our daughter all the way.  

Because having the opportunity to homeschool her helped to make the difference in two important things:

- It helped her to begin to finding her own way in life, and 
- it gave her the chance to grow, in her personal beliefs and in her faith. 

Are you new to homeschooling high school?  Here's some information on how to get started:

Homeschooling High School Creatively

Have you seen the facebook group that I moderate at College Discussions for Homeschoolers?

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