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Summary:  Our homeschool social studies curriculum choices, with frugal or free ones in mind.  Our favorites for U.S. History, World Geography, and more.  Plus what the colleges want for social studies college entrance requirements.  Note - This post may included affiliate links to products that we love and have used or would use in our  own homeschool.#homeschoolhighschool #homeschoolsocialstudies. Please see my disclosure policy.

Are you starting to look around for social studies resources for your high schooler?


Social studies for high school can include a wide variety of subjects, such as World History, US History, Geography, Economics, Psychology, etc. 

For college bound teens - Some colleges look for specifics in this, but our college let us choose from a variety of subjects.  Lots of colleges allow you to pick and choose what you want to do for Social Studies.  

We do not have to do the high school typical social studies sequence, as we are homeschoolers.  

Many colleges allow other options such as Psychology, Sociology and more.  (Be sure to check with the colleges to see if they have specific courses that they want for social studies.)


9th Grade - U.S. History - Our Own Homemade Course
10th Grade - World History by Oak Meadow
11th Grade - Psychology by 7 Sisters Homeschool
12th Grade - World Geography - Glencoe

Other Social Studies Curriculum options we considered: 
We also checked out SOS and Lifepacs, Sunlight for social studies, all strong programs. 



In junior year we did Introduction to Psychology, a full year course from 7 Sisters. It was written by a licensed professional counselor who is also a homeschooling mama.

From a Christian perspective it covers the following topics in 15 chapters:

-The brain and how it works
-Genetics and Learning
-History of Psychology (Ancient to Modern Times
-Personality & Theory
-Abnormal psychology
-Psychological testing
and more.

It counted as one of my daughter's social studies requirements for college entrance.  (But check with your colleges, as that differs from college to college.)

Are you looking for frugal homeschool curriculum for U.S. History?  Here's some of our favorites, and how we made them into our own homemade course.


Our Homemade Course in U S History

When it came time for our high school US History studies, we used a variety of sources, and made our own course.  

To do that, we picked a spine, then added in some geography, literature, and a little art history, for fun.  My teen was a big part of putting it all together. 

So, I'd like to share with you how we went about putting together our own course, which included:
- a spine
- literature options
- geography
- a  primary resource
- and some art.

To reach my article on FRUGAL American History high school curriculum that we loved, just click here or below the photo included.

Homeschool high school American History frugal curriculum and resources. Including map work, living literature, original sources, art related to history and more. We even found some U.S. History videos for FREE. #homeschoolhighschool #ushistory

FRUGAL American History high school curriculum is full of
resources that are either frugal or FREE.

Next, I'd like to share a prepared curriculum option, and this one is from Oak Meadow...


This is another great option for US History from Oak Meadow, a well established educational publisher, but they are not so frugal.

Oak Meadow US History  consists of a book written by Oak Meadow that goes along with the Glencoe U.S. History book discussed above.

It includes tons of creative and innovative discussion questions to go along with Glencoe.

Oak Meadow offers many more social studies choices here.

What are your favorite resources for high school US History?  

I love reading your comments... so please share your knowledge with others here or on Facebook.

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Hannah, homeschool mom and conference speaker says:  "This fantastic resource is hot off the presses. Everyone homeschooling high schoolers should check it out and It is full of useful information about: 

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-creating courses
-writing college essays
- testing, and so much more. 

So much useful information has been compiled with great detail and simplicity in this book. 

It breaks down the steps and forward movement needed!

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