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This article is about frugal social studies electives, Psychology. And how those things can really add a lot to make a college attractive transcript. Affiliate links are sometimes used on my blog, for resources that we have used or would use in our homeschool.  Please see my disclosure policy.

Are you looking for something different for your teen's high school elective this fall?  

We were lucky.  All of the colleges on my daughter's list let us choose what courses we wanted for her Social Studies requirements.  
So for our daughter, a course in psychology, sociology, and the like would count towards her college entrance requirements in social studies.

As my daughter was interested in psychology, she wanted to include that in her high school studies.  It not only gave her a social studies credit, but it also helped to build her an interesting college-attractive transcript.

If your college requires specific history courses and does not include psych as an option, no problem.  (Not all colleges give you that much leeway.)  It can add a lot to your teen's transcripts as an elective as well.

So my teen and I did an internet search, and we came up with a number of frugal options for her homeschool high school studies in psychology.  

Here are a few:

1.  Chegg Books offers Cognitive Psychology 

Cognitive Psychology 7th edition 9781305644656 1305644654

This book covers the basics of cognitive psychology, including neuroscience, attention, perception, memory, language, decision making and more.  This book is offered for rent for $35.99.

2.  Psychology and You, Student Version

This book sells for around $26.00 and is a comprehensive high school level introduction to psychology.  It is written in a style that talks to students using examples and language relevant to their lives.  

That includes a focus on everyday issues and concerns, with historical facts and mention of unusual events, too.

This college level course is priced at $85.00 for the new version, but has used book prices as well.  It is a good thorough introduction to psychology.  The new 6th edition includes CD-ROM resources, too.  That includes interactive learning activities.

4.  AP Psychology Cognition and Language

There is a review of this AP course here at Lesson Planet   It offers a lesson plan for teaching Cognitive Psych to high schoolers.  

Hands-on activities, memory exercises and research come together to teach your high schooler about the brain.

We did not go the dual credit route as I wanted my daughter to be able to stay at the high school level in her studies, to let her be a teen for awhile.  

And do college courses in college.  

But many families are looking for dual credit, and doing a course like this, then doing an AP Psychology test can be just the ticket for them.

5.  Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective

What I liked about this psychology course was that it was written not only by homeschoolers, but for homeschoolers.  We found it to be different from the other options we discussed above.  

While still providing good solid content in the principles of psychology for homeschoolers, it avoided the kind of wordy, serious text focus that often turns off high schoolers to the subject.

We found this course to be interesting and meaningful, yet not dry at all.  My teen liked the short lessons with many individualized activities to choose from.  

And I liked that it was written by a practicing coach and counselor, Vicki Tillman, MA, from 7 Sisters Homeschool and it sold for under $30.00 for the complete course. 

I also liked that it included a test bank with an answer key.  And the best part about it was that it led to many fulfilling dinner conversations! 

For more information on this course, I invite you to click Introduction to Psychology Course Description, by my friend, Vicki.

Benefits of Adding Psychology to your Homeschool

If your college requires specific history courses and does not include psych as an option, no problem.  (Not all colleges give you that much leeway.)  

It can add a lot to your teen's transcripts as an elective as well.

Plus learning more about how our minds work and how the personality is developed could only help our daughter in her college and later in the world of work. too.  

In fact, being able to work well with others is now very high on the list of what employers are looking for, in their prospective applicants.

Whatever you and your teen decide to do for psychology or other interesting high school social studies credits or high school electives, we at BJ's Homeschool, hope that it helps to add the fun into your teen's high school years at home.  

Create your own unique and nurturing high school program for your teen and showcase their accomplishments to the colleges. 

There are 12 downloadable high school homeschool planning printables plus a transcript form for you to just fill in.

The kind of transcript form that the colleges are used to seeing.

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